Rob and Smokie Show Episode 23 - Smokie says Take a Break from Steem so as to Not get Burned Out !!

in dtube •  last month 

Every couple of days I will get off the Computer and take a break from Steem. This helps me rejuvenate and come back fresh.

Smokie does the same thing with taking breaks in his neighborhood walks. If he did it everyday he would totally get burned out. So he tells me every other day is perfect for him to keep fresh and happy :)

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You are right. Sometimes i always try to take some break so as not to get burned out. The break is very important as that can not be denied

I agree, that is a great habit to get into. Like I said, the coming back and getting caught up can be a pain sometimes, but it is still just really good for your soul and your mental health!

Excellent review @robertandrew and you are right, we all need to have a fresh and rested look at what is happening!

Yeah at time we need to take sometime to relax and do something different and feel the warmth weather . Spending sometime away from steem platform is really good to ease our mind

yes, sometimes we need to rest for fresher, greetings for smokie

Taking a rest is very necessary to make the mind fresh. Likewise you who want to take a break from steem for a moment. Have a nice day , Robert.

I'm new around here and am thinking that taking a break might be better for me too.

I have to take enforced breaks because so many other things happen in my life to keep me away. I bet Smokie would like a woodland walk now and again, do you have any good woods you can walk through near you?

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