Just Making Nickel and Dimes on my Vlog Posts! A Little Venting :)

in #dtube2 years ago

Been rough lately, and it's been weighing on my mind. Hope I do not come off as being a Whiner. I cannot stand them but just a little venting on my part about my Earnings.

I will move past it and thanks for listening :)

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Can't watch the video right now but I support you!

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And you have been since literally the first week or so I was here at Steem . A big thank you , brother :)

I think we all should be able to whine a little every now and then. It is really easy to be a little down when the prices are where they are at. People just aren't as active as they used to be and that is sad given how many awesome things are happening here. Hopefully one day soon it turns around.

All is because the price of steem is down and most people has loss interesting in blogging and curating @robertandrew

I hope you are patient with your current income. Hopefully the price of steem will rise as before. Have a nice day, sir.

Now all incomes have fallen, it's really tears. I think I need to be patient and wait.

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I always enjoy your videos, keep pluggin away and it will get better.