DtubeRockers Contest- : 100 "Unconditional" and "Indefinite" Steem Power Delegation Up for Grabs

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Rules for DtubeRockers Contest
  1. Pick a Steemian who best exemplifies what it means to be a Dtube Rocker i.e. someone who is a master Engager, Curator, and Commentator on the Dtube platform.

  2. Do a video announcing your pick and why and Upload to Dtube, Twitter, and put the link on this page"

  3. If you use your own creativity and all the bells and whistles concerning the making of a top notch video ... well it'll give you a better chance of winning. Think a "Movie like" video


First Place- 50 Steem Power delegation without any conditions or time constraints.
Second Place-30 Steem Power delegation without any conditions or time constraint.
Third Place - 20 Steem Power delegation without any conditions or time constraints.


Contests start today March 5th and ends March 13th, The Winnersd will be announced MArch 15th.

Note : The Dtube Rocker chosen by the winners will get a full day of u[votes on all their substantial Comments on Dtube as well as a Banner of Recognition :)

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founder dtuberockers.jpg

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That's is really cool contest my friend. Let1 see who is the best engager person here.

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Good luck to all the entrants! I am going to resteem this so hopefully it reaches a wider audience for you! I love to see Steemians put on contests like this to help out others!

Wow. This is a nice contest you have just put down i must say

This is great I need to prepare mine for this contest