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Recently @Oracle-d calling for a new task for Social Media Enthusiasts in association with State of the Dapps. Here



What is DTube?

Dtube is a steem bese video wabsite. Its as like as youtube .. Bt Dtube hase some more advantage and easy to tuse and easy to ears ctypto.

How to access Dtube ?

To use a Dtube accout you need to have a steem account. go to clik loging and enter Your user name and privet posting kye. clike upload and upload video and and upload snap shot. write some discription and click publish. Your video is now uploaded


If your video content is good quality then Dtube bot upvote your video


  1. Differentiation between Dtube and other apps you can not see how much power any person up vote you.
  2. Very simple and easy to use
  3. Get reward by using #dtube tag

I like to say #Dtube is simple way to access steemit. It is one of the most used social Dapps Stateofthedapps I'd totally recommend it for everyone. I I'd give it a solid 4/5 rating.




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