Raising Tadpoles (Day 125) - Less Than 20 Tadpoles Left

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Day 125

Finally have some good news on concerning the eggs main tank. All of the eggs and tadpoles are now gone, most likely all sucked into the filter. Hopefully no more eggs are laid by Tiny, from the look of it, the egg laying boom may be over, at least for now, since Tiny has shrunk down substantially after laying all of her eggs.

I moved 5 froglets out of the 10 gallon tank over to the 20 gallon aquarium before the feeding began tonight. I'm a bit concerned about some of the remaining froglets as they seem to be less hardy than the ones that came before. Several have a slight bend in their hips that unfortunately causes them to swim erratically. This is a result of faulty genetics and if properly cared for shouldn't be too much of an issue, they can live normal lifespans.

GOPR2461 - Copy.JPG

The vast majority of the juvenile frogs are able to swim perfectly normally and seem to have even developed an exercise for themselves. The juvenile frogs have taken a liking to swimming in the current generated by the outflow of the filter. Sometimes they beat it but most times they swim off to the side or get pushed back by the filter current after a minute or so of swimming. I'm considering moving the divider to give the juveniles more room since they are both larger and make up the majority of the population in the 20 gallon tank with 20 individual frogs. The juvenile section of the tank is roughly 60% of the tank, I may decide to make it 70 to 75% of the tank instead due to the small number and size of the froglets in the tank (it is unlikely that there will be another large batch of tadpoles turning into froglets now that there are only 15 tadpoles left in the 10 gallon tank).

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Current Totals:

15 - 10 gallon (Tadpole Tank)
31 - 20 gallon (Frog Tank) [11 froglet, 20 juvenile]

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