My Ebay Promoted Listings Test - Are Promoted Listings worth it?

in dtube •  6 months ago 

If you ever thought of using eBay's promoted listings or want to check it back out again like I did.

Check out this video!

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I've never played around with promoted listings. Good outtake at the end. Have you been experiencing the shipping date error issue that's affecting a lot of sellers? I just got an email back from my senior contact today confirming that they're aware of it and don't know when it'll be resolved by.

The issue is that the shipping delivery dates are way out in the future, estimating delivery at extremely uncompetitive dates. For example, I sold something that has 1-business day shipping on Tuesday and it said to ship by next Monday. Active listings with USPS priority mail with 1-day handling estimate delivery in 10 days to MYSELF. This has been going on for around a month. My store has been suffering greatly from this because it's like I'm in vacation mode when I'm not.

I’ve never heard of this, I need to look into this.

It's only affecting some sellers. Hopefully you're good. What a lousy thing though. It feels like there should be some recourse because my sales have been like watching paint dry. Unless it's a rare item, nobody wants to wait this long for anything.

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I really have not had the opportunity to use them, but after seeing this I started to have ideas on how to use them exponentially.

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Do you know if your items are more likely to be seen if you have a higher ebay rating? BTW enjoyed your video!