DTUBE: Steem Follower Tutorial Get More Upvotes!

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First go follow: @steemfollower & @mahdiyari Tell them @reseller sent you!

Second: Sign up to Steemfollower today:


What is Steemfollower?

In a nutshell, you get points for upvoting others and in turn, they upvote you!

You even get MORE Steem than you put into the system.

How does this work? Click the video above to get started!

▶️ DTube

Im on SOLA >>> https://sola.ai/evilos

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Verry nessesery tutorial. I will upload some Videos too.

Awesome, good luck to you. Please upvote me on Steem Follower daily if you can! @reseller

Thanks for this great video!
This post link added to help page:)
anyway, new and better version of steemfollower will come in a few weeks!

@mahdiyari hey this is great news! I cannot wait to try it out, Thank you for this service!

Thanks for the info @reseller. Just signed up with the link and upvoted this post via @steemfollower. You mentioned @statesplace is on here, is Mighty Mushroom?

Yeah Mighty is @amightymushrooom on here, give him a follow and show some love!

Happy new year!

Hey, Happy New Year to you also.

Hello, i just signed up at steemfollower under your name and upvoted you and also subscribed to your channel. thank you for ths great tutorial!

Hey good luck to you and thank you.

i signed up and followed you :) . upvote me @bhanunamikaze

Cool, you will need to start upvoting stuff through SteemFollower before I can upvote you on that system. Thanks. @bhanunamikaze

Hi, i signed in and followed both

but when i tried to upvote on steam follower, i get an error ..

There is an Error, Check these options:
-You are So Fast Please wait, Or,
-Voting Power is LOW! Or
-Already upvoted!

but i did not upvote even one, and voting percentage is 91%

This is great, I just happened upon SteemFollower today before I saw your video posted on YouTube. I left a comment there and decided to find you here on Steemit. I think SteemFollower actually may help those of us who are new to the site and don't receive enough upvotes on our content. I created a post about SteemFollower also and hopefully more people will start using this resource.

Very cool, good luck to you! I'll add you to the list!

Thanks, reseller!

Cool, i'll look you up!

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I signed in please upvote me and thanks @mohannad

Don't forget to use steemfollower to upvote daily or I won't see your posts on the system there. Thank you.

hey dude, I upvoted your video/post.

Hey man, much love. Thank you!

Very Helpful video, I subscribed to your channel & used the link for Steemfollower! Now I need to post some content. :)

Hey @tomtrial thank you, I followed you and will be looking out for your posts!

Dear Reseller, I have been trying to reach out to SteemFollower and no answer from them, nothing. Your videos are very helpful and thank you so much! Can you please help figure this out, I signed up, liking other peoples posts, 5 posts a day and more.....but I can never see my posts. I can not figure it out why

You will never see your own posts, thats part of the system. The only way you can see your post is if you are logged in as someone else. I hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing about the steemfollower. Would definitely be needing some people to upvote when i start posting my blogs. As a new steemer i think it is kind of important for me since i hardly have any follower. This way i can at-least build my own status in community.

Good luck to you! I appreciate your comment

Thanks for the tutorial just signed in

Great video! Also started fallowing :) @humbletrader

Thanks for the tip! I upvoted and followed. Please upvote me! @donovanscott

You got a 25.64% upvote from @upyou thanks to @reseller!

Thanks for this video!

Thanks for the awesome video. I had signed up but didn't fully understand how everything worked. Definitely a huge help! Check out my blog if you're interested! I'm a complete newb so there's not a whole lot yet haha.

Great video! I would upvote you on the site but i think i need to have 100% power to vote. :/

@filmmasochist Great Vid :]

THANKS! that helped me a lot :)

Thanks for the tutorial, not too sure what to do with the referral link? https://steemfollower.com/?r=7876

Thanks for the tutorial, just not too sure what to do with my referral link? https://steemfollower.com/?r=7876. Following you on Steemit, what next?

Sorry it posted my comment twice ...

Hey bud. Thanks for the video. It was a big help. Sorry that I already registered on Steemfollower before I saw it so no referral, but I will definitely send my upvotes your way and start following.

Great video mate!

hi @reseller, I just sign up and thanks for sharing this video.

Hey @reseller, just found your channel. Thanks for doing this video I just signed up for Steem Follower a few days ago and this video was very informative and helpful!

This post has received a 6.49 % upvote from @kittybot thanks to: @reseller.

hello @reseller. thanks for the video. i've been having issues logging in due to browser..finally today managed but didn't use your referral link :( I logged out and logged back in via your link but i'm not sure if the referral 'took'. will it work even on subsequent logins or just on the initial one? Is there a way to check if if it took? thanks!

thanks for this guide, I followed you, appreciate the info!

You got a 62.16% upvote from @votebuster courtesy of @reseller!

Nice info! Upvote! thanks

I've read @reco 's post. And then came across your video which was really helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I joined too and upvoted this video 👍🏼 Very excited how this will go just joined steemit 1 week ago.

helpfull vedio thank you @reseller

Hello, thanks for the informative video. I joined Steemfollower. @davidpompeii

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1.30% @pushup from @reseller

Lovely and educative would love to contact you personally.

@myinfinityincome I can not find your post inside. But I signed up with the link,and I purchase 20,000 PTS

thank's man!

liked & upvoted

It is of great importance some people like you,{@ reseller}( https://steemit.com/@reseller), are on this great social network to provide some nugget of advice to some of us that are new on this platform., for which i really acknowledge your effeorts in my introductory post {@ gasonim}(https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gasonim/my-incredible-journey-to-steemit-the-good-bad-and-ugly-and-my-personality-profile). i have already followed you and i would be glad if you follow me back, thank you.

Thanks alot @reseller I'm @violed25th, awesome tutorial video, upvoted (though not much) and following

@reseller Thanks for the video. I'm already on steemfollower but wasn't sure what to do. You can find me at @jumpatthechance as you asked us to put our name in the comments

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This post has received a 4.21 % upvote from @aksdwi thanks to: @reseller.

Rock on, thanks for the tutorial video!

Enjoyed the tutorial, I am understanding how this works! Please follow back if you like what i post:) Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the explanation! I've used your referral link :)

@reseller Really appreciate your work and willingness to help the community! Thank you! It's been a 'process' learning and trying to grow here at steemit. If you guys like anti-nwo health info, check out my blog ;) @newtreehints !

this is awesome!

just registered and joined the discord channel too

Great review for a newbie like me...trying to wrap my brain around all this stuff!

Great review for a newbie like me. Trying to wrap my brain around all this stuff!

Thank you for the excellent tut! I joined the site now, but getting this error message:

Error( 7 ) in adding Point! But Upvoted! Please Report!