Playing with iTrash in Taipei - Taiwan Vlog

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In Dongmen playing with the iTrash trash & recycling kiosk!

It's a new system; however, iTrash is being tested around Taipei to make it more convenient for people to throw away their trash. This is paired with their effort to increase awareness for recycling and reduce waste throughout Taiwan to make it as close to zero waste as possible.

Currently, we have to wait for a trash & recycling truck that comes 2x a day; it can be inconvenient. I didn't go over the full details in the video.

You use your EasyCard (a card used for Taipei's mass transportation in addition to purchases at eligible stores). You either pay "X" amount per kilogram for the trash function; or you get 1NTD ($.03) per 10 bottles and/or 8 cans that you recycle.

Check out more information on the EasyCard & iTrash here:


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