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Hello STEEM users

Today lets talk about a STEEM Dapp which has been really doing great over the time and have been allowing users to give them a little more support in their FITNESS. Yep, you got the name correct its "ACTIFIT" While who would have really thought that users can earn by doing their daily fitness activities Actifit made it possible. Do your daily activities and get rewarded from Actifit.

Being a part is really easy just install the app in Android or IOS smartphone and you are good to go. (Active some features for accurate count). While after you get the 5000 Activity count post it on your Steem Account and you will be noticed by the team and hence at the end of the day you will be rewarded with "Upvotes" & "Afit tokens".

I do not know id it happened to any users or not but few times I forgot to post my count despite reaching the threshold which was kind of disheartening if by any chance or with any new feature we can save the post and before the timer resets the post gets automatically posted this particular feature might save some users. (Just my opinion though)


While overall I do suggest users to check out this Dapp and get their Rewards collected ASAP !!


If I would have to give it a rating, I would give 4.5 Star out of 5 .

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I really like actifit! I did not even know that it would be able to stimulate me to increase physical activity.
I'm home and lazy girl. And now I walk for several hours every day, do exercises and gymnastics and much more).


Yeah the feelings mutual about Actifit. While being a part of it on Twitter as well. 7 pushups everyday for 77 day just a nice way to be fit taking a slow step for now. You are welcome to join ; )

Besides glad that you are into fitness and giving your best on your health. Stay Fit and well at all times.

Good video with some useful info about actifit. I have been using actifit for a few months now, it's great.

If you want to further enhance your experience, I would recommend getting a fitbit. It is more accurate than the app and will not drain your phone battery.

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That is great buddy to know that you are using it for some time, while thanks for the info I sure will get it if I get into it more deeply : )

Have a great day !!


Hi there. would love to hear ur experience of using fitbit along actifit. Does it help u post ur reports daily (I mean in terms of reaching 5k or 10k goals?) I am struggling by just using the phone.

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Well I am not really a fitbit user but yeah as far as I am concerned it does gives accurate reading and much more refined as well . While come to think of it 90% (I think) users of Actifit they are using their mobile version app. While try changing the settings on the app it does helps as well.

Thanks for sharing. Had been considering trying the app but was focused on other stuff to figure out the details. Happy that you shared those in this video 👍


Hope you get on board soon !!

Glad that it helped ! Thanks for dropping by !!


Yes! Had it planned for next month, but might be sooner than that.

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Yep that happened to me as well but once I given a shot it was super easy just open the app and it does its work .
While NP take your time : ) but once it comes to market I believe it will be tough to get hands on those tokens unlike it is now !!