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James Bond is 007 and just recently the blockbuster movie showcased Spectre. In January 2018, Spectre the real thing was disclosed to the public. The threat is real and the war is on. This joint discussion gets into the nitty gritty details about how we convey these messages of truth to those who are still asleep. We must do everything in our power to wake people up to the imminent dangers imposed upon them by this very powerful elite group of child sex traffickers. Regardless of whether or not you're from this side of the pond or the other, we are fighting a global war that must be won. I invite everybody to subscribe to Dr. Horton's work at @stop007org and to visit her official website at https://stop007.org.

Censorship of the truth is very real. This discussion will only open your eyes further to the truth and give you an opportunity to redpill those who are unaware. I ensured that the interview was conducted from a skeptics perspective and asked for proof and evidence of the claims being presented here. Dr. Horton has spent over 6 years investigating this topic and we were only able to just scratch the surface.

2018 will be an exciting year and we must all stay strong and united as one. Supporting this channel, and Dr. Horton's channel is essential to winning this information war. Please do your part by sharing this video with everyone you know. Email them the link to this video if you have to. Don't just rely on social media (where they shadow ban you and make you talk to an audience of bots).

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Dr. Katherine has been on the Deep State's hit list. There is so many ways of torturing their victims. Always be on the lookout.


This was an eye awakening interview. Keep up the good work!

I invite everybody to subscribe to Dr. Horton's work at @stop007org

I would love to but that page doesn't exist ...

If she is indeed on the STEEM blockchain, I am ecstatic b/c I've reached out to her multiple times to join steemit/dtube.