Trump Order Blocks Major Human Rights Abusers Tied to Clinton

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On Thursday, the Trump Administration launched "a new sanctions regime targeting human rights abusers and corrupt actors around the world". President Trump signed an executive order blocking the property of persons in serious human rights abuse or corruption. An Annex to the order listed 13 individuals who would be affected by the sanctions including two individuals with ties to the Clinton's and the Clinton Foundation.
Dan Gertler, an international businessman who acquired a fortune through corrupt business deals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was listed in the Annex. Gertler was also exposed in the recent Paradise papers as Glencore secretly donated millions to Gertler to act as a middleman for landing deals with the DRC. Glencore has a long history of corruption, former leader of the firm Marc Rich fled the United States in 1983 after being "indicted on charges of sanctions-busting, fraud and tax evasion, and accused of arms dealing." Rich's family were major donors to Bill Clinton, and Marc Rich was later pardoned by President Clinton in the final hours of his presidency.
Also listed in the Annex to the Order was Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of an Uzbek dictator who allegedly boils his political opponents alive. Karimova organized a Clinton Foundation fundraiser in Monaco, in an attempt to "acquaint herself with Bill Clinton" and "gain favor with Hillary Clinton." Though the Washington Examiner reports she was "placed under sustained house arrest before the effects of her Clinton connection could be known."

Is this Executive Order the start of something bigger?

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The swamp has so much sludge, I don't think it can ever be drained. The only way I will ever truly support Trump is the day he puts hitlery behind bars. Until that day, he's just one of them.

And I say, until he puts the Soros family behind bars, and others might say....on and on.

So, when do we say he is one of US? To me, your comment shows lack of respect for all he has achieved and is busy achieving, because you have a pet peeve he must comply with for you to accept him.

The difference between us and the snowflakes, growing like mushrooms in mummy and daddy's basement, is that they cannot think beyond their immediate wants and needs, whereas we are supposed to have minds more mature and willing to sacrifice for all of mankind. Even Trump keeps on including all the people of the world in his attempts to save us from the globalists, because he can see that it is not possible or effective to fight them just within the USA.

With a fight that huge on his hands, we must let him know you insist your needs are satisfied first. How sad.

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