September clues (plus Addendum) _by Simon Shack

in dtube •  last year

By Simon Shack (about the really huge 9/11 hoax)
A note from Simon Shack, creator of September Clues:
I have done this research to the best of my capacity - several years of dogged, hard work. I'm certainly not affiliated with anyone/anything whatsoever. I live in an old house in Italy. I own a 750cc, a Fiat Panda and a bicycle. I am a sound engineer, musician and seasoned video editor. 'September Clues' is just a product of my personal time and patience spent investigating the proposed imagery of 9/11 - and the central role of the news media in aiding and abetting the rampant deceptions staged by the ruthless 'rulers' of our world.

His channel on YT:

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