The backyard food forest and geodesic dome greenhouse. Dtube Challenge day 1

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Hello @dtube and Steem blockchain. After reading/watching a post by @dhenz which you can view right here: ...we decided to accept his @dtube challenge and upload 7 days of straight content!!!! Thanks @dhenz ! Huge thanks to @nathanmars also! He's encouraging Steemians to upload to Dtube and supporting that community to GROW! So..thanks to both of you for all you're doing for this blockchain. ***We had trouble uploading at first ....then logged out...and tried logging in again not with steemconnect but with our private posting key and it worked. Hope that helps others. :)

My passion is with the plants....and being a father. We live in Southern Utah..near Zion National your basic urban housing community. For about 10 years we have been slowly adding a fruit tree at a this forest until there are over a 100 on this 1/4 acre lot. You can view a drone shot from over our lot....on this post:

We've been sharing as this food forest has grown... for the same 10 years.... on most of the centralized social media platforms. We've slowly transitioned away from them to where we are now sharing almost exclusively on the Steem blockchain. WE LOVE IT HERE...and are very inspired by all of YOU! We're in it for the long haul!

So for the next 7 days we will be uploading a Dtube video...and capture some moments of our urban food forest we cascade into in Southern Utah. Deep rains are starting to hit us at night....which is needed in this climate zone...which is mostly arid desert. In this part 1 of the 7 dyas...we are just getting our feet wet quality will improve. Our son river and joins me for a short cruise...into the greenhouse to see what we see after a long night of rain.

We installed this we began the food the Summer of 2008. We grow plants in here that are tropical and sub tropical. It's a non heated greenhouse. It came in a kit...from Growing Spaces Greenhouses. Ours it the 18 foot kit. You can view more about them here:

Thanks for viewing! We will be back tomorrow to check out other parts of the food forest.

Cheers Dtube and Steem blockchain!

Jake and the Raw Utah family

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