[Delegation] Contest rewards STEEM S01E05 - RESULTS

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I'm happy to announce the winner of this Season 01 Episode 05 ( There will be 15 episodes as there are 15 participants ).
I will really want to encourage to upvote every related post to this season as payouts will be added to the next episode and a fund pool.
I'll create another post explaining a bit more the mechanics.

Congratulations :)

Season 01 Episode 05

@psychkrhoz[x][x] E01
@dhaneshpk[x][x] E02
@vote-transfer[x][x] E03
@hashclouds[x][x] E04
@justncase[x][x] E05

TOTAL Registered: 15

TOTAL Winners: 5

*Possible reward: ~2 SBD need to convert it to STEEM *
*Rewards Pool from previous episodes: ~6.907 STEEM *

Lesson learned

If an episode does not make it to at least 1 STEEM I'll try to match it myself.
Please keep supporting all the related posts to this season so rewards pool will grow bigger.

Don't forget to support my efforts to help minnows

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It is me!
Wow this is very awesome!
Thank you!

@raserrano maybe you can help me.... just now when I see the 1.0 Steem deposit, I also noticed my SP dropped from 27 down to 10. This is the free SP delegation I got when I opened the account. Why did they take 17 sp back?

With only 10 SP.... and then the lease I buy now.... Will just put me at same place!?

Why would they take away some of the SP?
That is frustrating!

I'm sorry that this happened to you so early but its the way they want users to grow and build up their own SP. Leasing SP its good for short term growth but transferring to STEEM to SP (power up) is a long term advantage for sustainable growth.

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