From YOUTUBE to DTUBE why it makes sense

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I'm new but I'm not wet behind the ears

So I'm new here too - but already, this is what I know about a YouTuber coming over to Steemit/DTube. I'm not new to social media, YouTube or other forms of content providing. I've run massive web forums, been invovled in web development since the late 90's and run data centres. Yep, I'm a geek. But one thing I'll always do is be open to new opportunities and new ways of learning how to get better.

A snippet of my YouTube history

I've been a Youtuber since 2012 - but really only active since Mar 2016. So here's the reality - for a huge amount of work over the last 2 years this is what I've gotten from them (as at 12-Feb-18):

  • Youtube earnings (total): $401 (2 videos earning 50% of this from a total of 81 videos)
  • Subscribers: 1526
  • Views: 300,000
  • Category: Music
  • Actual content: music technology, music and synthesizers
  • Location: Australia

So successful? No. But I did manage to just sneak in over their latest ploy to shut down monetised channels with less than 10,000 hrs of view time and over 1K subs.

Effort needs to be rewarded

Each video takes me anything from 4 hours to days to produce (on and off). That means I've only made a few cents per hour from YouTube. I just don't feel like we're being rewarded there. Whilst I'm not hugely successful on YouTube - I do have a good (real) subscriber base that isn't bought. For my genre 1500 subs is actually pretty good. I need to keep that going and tap into that resource whenever I can.

Investment of camera gear

Most YouTubers spend some serious dollars on getting the right camera, lenses, lighting, stands, umbrellas, and then there's the Adobe software license, a beefy PC to handle the video editing. The costs can be in the $000's. With my earnings above - this will probably take years to recoup. There's more chance to recoup your expenses here, and much faster.

Patreon? maybe not!

A few months ago I started Patreon and 2 days after I launched, they had a massive brain fart and scared away 80% of their market. So that was a flop! My patreon page has 0 (zero) followers! Forget it! I've asked my audience to support me over there - and no-one did.

Your must do's

So if you're new like me, and going over to DTube/Steemit because you're wanting to improve your earnings and increase your audience - this is what you need to do:

  1. Buy STEEM and POWER UP - invest in the platform which is investing in you. *
  2. Post regular videos or posts to gain a reputation that you're a content provider
  3. You can put up your old YOUTUBE videos - but first get yourself Handbrake and downscale them to 480P/30 Very Fast - as there's no need to have Full HD high framerate stuff on DTUBE (yet)
  4. Don't stop YouTube - keep it going and use the community you've grown to tell them about Steemit
  5. Be active in Steemit by following, commenting and upvoting regularly - but don't spam.
  6. Keep producing good quality video and audio - keep it professional (a whole different topic)

NB: Risk? --> if you do invest in crypto - and this doesn't work out for you, you can always move it somewhere else or cash out. There really isn't much risk (other than the crypto market itself).

A start of new things

We all have to start somewhere, this list is not everything - but that's what I've worked out so far. So why do this? Because you don't deserve to earn biscuit crumbs for your hard work professional content. Get it over on here and show a positive community what you're made of. You'll grow and be glad you did. The people earning from your content on YouTube is Google and the advertisers (- and the users with AdBlock).

Spinning plates

Social media can be like spinning plates. You'll have to keep a quantity of them spinning in order for you to get out there and gain your audience. Eventually this will become easier. Whatever you do, don't stop spinning the plates you're already doing now. Keep them going. This is to add to what you have. Don't quit YouTube, keep at it. If you suffered from the demonetised channel issue - keep plodding your way, you'll get there!

Where from here?

Just do it and do it and do it - this video should inspire you:

Hook up with me

Best of all, I'm here for you - keep in contact with me and we can grow together, share ideas and promote each other. That's what is the best thing about Steemit! So if you want to check out what I've done outside of here:

Twitter: @ranzee


You make a good case. I think YouTubers are going to love coming over to DTube for all the reasons you described... and there's no censorship either :) Resteemed.

Thanks :) when you're new to Steemit, you are bombarded with advice from a lot of people who have been here for ages. I thought they might like to hear it from one of their own ;) Seeing what other newbs are doing should be a good inspiration for them.

Well written! It is interesting to get an insight of someones youtube earnings since I always wondered how much money youtubers really get for their videos and no one is really talking about that on youtube. Seeing the numbers now it really should be a no-brainer to change to dtube. Wish you all the best luck with your projects!

Thanks so much! I don't mind sharing the info. I'm not making big dollars, so it isn't anything major. One of the best things about here is you openly see the earnings. Share and grow ;)

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