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I have decided to fork Bitcoin. Lets fork BCH or BTC and let all those stop calling BCH Bcash forever. I can fork it into a anywhere between 2-16 MB block, who is with me? I will name the forked coin Bcash #bigblockers will be very happy. But, I think the name Bcash is kinda cool, if we can offer some cool features, then why not? btw, I will not premine 1 million like #BTG did #codingisfun #c++ #github #Bitcoin #Bitcoincash #BitcoinGold #doge #coder #programmingisbeast #satoshi #segwit #hardfork
By doing it, I will end the block size debate. :) I will prove that Bcash is Satoshi's true vision and I will also implement segwit if needed. If anyone is with me comment. :)

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