Comedy Open Mic Round 9 - GrumpyCat Protest Song

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Dear Dtube and Steemit. I wanted to share a song that highlights the suffering and heartache caused by a certain feline of the cantankerous persuasion.

A lot of people have either been effected by, or know someone who has been effected by these issues and I urge you all to come forward and share your stories. It's only by bringing these injustices into the light, that we can finally heal as a community.

Below, are the lyrics to this powerful protest song, which I hope will serve as a warning for future generations, to the dangers of trolls with a massive amount of steem power. Together, we can make steemit great again.

Jah bless.


Grumpy cat ohhhhhhh
Grumpy cat…. What are they feeding you?

You choose to shit on people who…. Don’t agree with what you do
Flagging girls and boys who have no choice, but to bot it up to have a voice.

Grumpy cat, grumpy cat…. What is eating you?

You’ve made a mess on the mat, you’re obviously not their favorite cat….
It stinks like shit when you attack, someone who’s just a stupid sprat.
Why not square up to the lot, upme buildawhale or bluebot
The problem is with whales delegating for profit
Instead of supporting individual and community offerings
So, bullying whales just like you, telling us minnows what to do
Can go fuck yourself in the face,
cause you’re Nothing but a waste of space.

Grumpy cat, grumpy cat……. What are you feeding us.
Very very very very very grumpy cat…. It’s not your fault.

You patronise and condescend, but act like a troll in the end
I really hope you make a friend….. it’s not your fault.
No, madpuppy doesn’t count, imaginary friends are not allowed.
And if you flag me you will find, I haven’t used a bidbot
In quite some time. So choke on your hypocrisy
Or drown in mediocrity. Why not write something meaningful,
More than your memes and half assed fucking lol’s.
And stop throwing Shit bombs at tiny fish,
that you want to eat upon your dish

Ohhhhhhhhh Grumpy cat, grumpy cat…. What are they feeding you?
Very very very very very grumpy cat…. It’s not your fault.


N.B. This song is loosely based upon the famous 'smelly cat' popularized by the series 'Friends'.

The pictures used are all creative commons licence and the lyrics are my own creation.

I nominate @carlgnash + @evecab.


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@raj808 awesome :)

This is exactly the point that We-Resist!

Thank you very much.


Yeah. There is a serious lack of logical progression in grumpycats arguments, when he even bothers to defend his position. To my mind it's a broken system where people can buy votes, but in a broken system what can someone without any power do other than try to play the system to succeed. Not everyone can afford to invest in steemit, I myself have only put $100 of my own in here, the rest of what I have is thousands of hours of work. I've published short stories that I've since been told would have been accepted in paying magazines, poured my heart into posts about my life, opened myself up about things that have effected me emotionally. This is the essence of good blogging on steemit, I see a tone of other great writers doing the same and as far as I'm concerned we are all worthy of more weight and recognition on here than one troll throwing his weight around.

All grumpycat cares about is protecting his investment, as he puts it, but what I care about for steemit is that the content reflects a decent level of quality. I don't see why people will stay here if it gets mass adoption unless there is mainly quality content in all the tags/subjects. This is the only reason why I don't agree with bidbots, as anyone can boost a shit post up into trending, but having said that, who will shut the bots down? It would take the dev team to do that, is this really what we want in a 'so called' decentralized platform, control from the top? I'm unsure, but what is clear is that at the moment we have a set of whale overlords waving their SP about like a bunch of children and, some, producing very little quality content. Also, rewarding very little, quality, content from minnows/dolphins, as the circle jerk is endemic.

The internet seems unclear about the origins of the phrase, 'with great power comes great responsibility' but it shows in steemit platform glaringly, as very few whales take their responsibility seriously. To them it's just a money game and we are the masses to be played with. I fckin hate politics in all its forms anyway, so maybe I'm unqualified to speak on it, but I just say it how I see it and grumpycat makes no distinction between a post that is worthy of notice and one that very obviously isn't, in a system where, unless you get lucky to be noticed by curie, you need to bid yourself up to get trending.

you nipped that cat. maybe a good slap schtick whack will wipe the grumpy whiskers off that cat!

Yeah... that has made me think someone needs to sneak some catnip into grumpycats food and see if that changes anything? Mind you, after seeing my friends cat on catnip I think it might just make things worse, imagine grumpycat on cat crack. Flagging left and right. Setting up a flag bot for people who don't use bots to equal it all out in his crazed catnip-ed up state.........

Terrifying images 😉

Your intro is pretty amazing dude. This whole thing is hilarious. I accept your nomination (mostly because I am already working on two collaborative musical entries to comedyopenmic LOL)

Thanks man. This is my first musical foray on steemit. After a long time without practicing guitar and a pretty dodgy singing voice, my own interpretation of 'smelly cat' seemed about right 😉 Excellent to hear you've already got an entry in development! I shall keep my eyes peeled for that one 😜

Can I grab an earlybird ticket for the show? :)

I hope its own theme song will make the cat a bit less grumpy

Ha ha. Yeah, part of me hopes that the power of my words 😉 melt that grumpy heart and the grumpiest of cats sheds a tear and joins me on my next ayawaska ceremony in Peru.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is awesome!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh Raj!

You are most welcome @evecab glad you enjoyed it... today I bring... the gift of laughter 😉

image ini lawan nya, baguskan

@khairolirol Mereka adalah kucing yang tampak jahat. Saya harap grumpycat takut 😂

Tidak, mereka sangat baik baik tidak pernah bertemgkar

hahaha I was reading your post with the translator's help and only the character of phoebe buffay came to mind

Yes @giselacan, I consider Phoebe from 'friends' to be a modern master of the guitar... and that singing voice... just wow. I model myself on her in all ways but I only were a dress on special occasions 😂

This is the funniest thing I have heard all day :D :D :D Thank you!!!

Thanks @zen-art, I'm really glad it gave you a chuckle. Spreading joy is the best medicine to counteract a grumpycat 🙁🙃 🙂

lol! I must say when I read the song it sounded much different from your version - I can just see this song being sung for generations to come (future John Lennon singing it outside Steemit Inc) Absolutely love it :)
Thank you so much for this - you are a talented individual!

Ha ha @lucygarrod, that is because of my unique singing voice! Traditional voice coaches might say it was a bad singing voice but my mum said it was unique and that I should go on X-Factor, so I'm gonna beleive my mum 😉😂

Thanks, it's just a wow. I'm now singing Grumpy cat)))

That's fantastic @amalinavia. I'm so glad it struck a chord and was catchy enough to get you singing along. It would be my fondest dream that this protest song was the opening to steemfest 2018 😂

First time I have laughed in regard to grumpycat for a while this was brilliant

Thanks Jay. Honestly, I saw what happened to dmcamera and voted his post that got flagged with 100% to try and do my little bit to help.

This song is a bit of a double edged one, as I really wanted to show how ridiculous the big balls grumpycat is, but at the same time most of what I say in the song is actually what I think in regards to the whole situation with bidbots and some mental bullying whale trying to call the shots. Anyway, glad it gave you a chuckle mate. I think I might bring my inner-hipster out more often for some comedic song writing 😉

Yes I understood all that I have given out a few 100% votes to people hit by Grumpy Cat, but I am also glad I avoid using bidbots for just personal reasons so are not getting caught in all the drama with them

Whahahaha I saw the lyrics first and thought of Phoebe's smelly cat song in friends.

And you took inspiration from it. Man you made me laugh so hard on this one and the lyrics pure gold!

Yes @maverickinvictus, I consider Phoebe from 'friends' to be a modern master of the guitar... and that singing voice... just wow. I model myself on her in all ways but I only were a dress on special occasions 😂

real funny continue making this kind of post it helps

Thanks @baby07. I shall continue manufacturing the hit steemit related songs 😉

I like the chous... Oh Grumpy cat... what is eating you... you make a mess upon the mat.

It is indeed a messy mat that that cat has left for us all on steemit. He's definitely not my favorite cat! 😉


I didn't feed the local cat today.

I heard about a grumpy cat.

What song! I am close to saying three little words about it...

I didn't like it, ooooh noooo....

I'm so calm right now. I think I've been lulled to the edge of sleep by that soft yet twangly wobbly wonder.

Ooh... such a good cat song!

I am going to keep it for the local cat... for the next time I don't feed it. It is that good.

It's not really for a cat is it? I'm sure it will transcend the language barrier and calm them.

It's dedicated to a steemit user who hmmnnnnn... how do I put it, is a bit of a grouch and a troll. Jay, you're surreal messages on my posts always brighten my day... I don't understand them half the time but I do look forward to them ;-)

What did I just got into.. hahaha
Very creative lol.

Thanks @shoganaii ha ha, you're late to the party 😉 I think grumpycat has already downloaded the hip-hop version of this song and is listening to it on repeat. Thanks for checking out my protest song... fight the power brother 😂