I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran and Justine Bieber

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I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran and Justine Bieber

Hey guys! This song was one of my favorite collab this year. Let me share another acoustic cover of mine this week. I do my own female key adjustment in this song. This two well known singer in the world was perfect for this song. Their vocals are truly amazing. Ed and Justine looks so funny on the official video. Haven't you watched it?

This week are tough for us to record a cover because of the rain usually fall down in the evening which is the same time that we recorded our videos. So when it rain, no recording. I would say that it's a bit challenge for us (my fiancè) because the background noise are very restricted when it comes to recording.

Since we don't have a good recording studio yet, there's a lot of adjustment to maintain the quietness and even without an electric fan while i am singing. (Summer feels) On my side, that is hard to sing when you felt your sweating a lot and that's really hard! But we both know that time will come we can have a better recording studio and we still needed to upgrade lots of our stuff.

I hope that you could find time to watch my simple acoustic cover. Have a great time!

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