5 Reasons Why The United States Wants War With Iran

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If there is one thing the government, the mainstream media and even Donald Trump can agree on, it is pushing the United States to spend billions of dollars illegally invading a sovereign nation, and given all of the hype surrounding the latest target, today we’re going to look at 5 reasons why the United States wants war with Iran.

In order to understand the United States’ fervor for war with Iran, you have to look at history, look at the actions of U.S. allies, and most importantly, follow the money.

Sources: goo.gl/NdGc5A

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I still think we owe them so payback from the 1979 Hostage Crisis. Oh wait, you probably not were alive to remember that happening?


Seriously? How would avenging a nearly 4-decade old sleight accomplish anything? I have a kid nearly old enough to enlist, and I wasn't even born yet in 1979. If it means so much to you, go ahead and go fight yourself, and kindly leave my generation and my generation's kids out of it. And please don't bother with the "you're welcome for the freedom my generation fought to earn for you" bullshit. I'm a vet.


Lol. You don't think they owed us some payback for overthrowing their government in 1953 for British Petroleum and installing a puppet dictator that oppressed his people until 1979? Or should they just say "thank you"? Those damn dirty sand people? Am I right?

The USSA regime uses war as a means to create fake economic growth and instill fear and obedience. Printing fake money to fund wars is the most evil action in the past century. Without fake printing, World War One would have ended years before and after all in power realised money printing is a hidden tactic, all of the power hungry did it in greater scale, War 2, American War in Vietnam, Middle East wars, selling weapons covertly like cowards to both sides of any war. Such vile underhand tactics.