The One Thing Democrats and Republicans Always Agree On – More War

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Americans will spend nearly $2 billion a day ensuring that the United States continues to wage wars around the world in 2018, and this seems to be the one topic Democrats and Republicans magically agree on… why isn’t anyone talking about this?!

It’s ironic, isn’t it, how your government can’t agree on taxes or healthcare, yet the National Defense Authorization Act is passed every single year, with no problems whatsoever.

They also seem to pass it right around to holidays, so while you’re getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to spending time your family, the elected officials who are supposed to represent you, are selling you out to the tune of $700 billion.

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I've been explaining this to countless people at work. I think it's starting to sink in a bit. My boss asked me about #QANON today lol!! Baby steps. Keep up the good reporting!

The US has been in perpetual war since the constitution was suspended in 1933. If the US were to stop the wars, the constitution would have to be reinstated & all the unconstitutional alphabet agencies & policies would be eliminated. As it stands right now, we no longer have due-process. One is considered guilty until proven innocent, instead of being presumed inocent until proven guilty. This is evident with unconstitutional laws like asset forfeiture & the NDAA, where one can be imprisoned indefinitely without trial.

This is why the crypto is so popular.Hope!
The war machine is our current economy holding up bad dept.
Yes I totally get it and your right,we need a bigger voice out their.
The block chain developing a new way of life to help you and me and so many others that are motivated for change.
So our day is coming and the best part is they can't stop it!
There is alot of good people in our Gov. and they will be the first to see new hope and Lord willing new life.
So I will make an effort to support people like your self that stand up and speak with a strong voice.Thank you for posting please continue to do your best... Toddjr.

It seems like it's been a while since I've seen any work from you. Am I running in the wrong circles to cross paths with your content? Any way... It's awsome to see your videos are as good as ever. It sure is nice beung on the side that has reality to back it up. Agora!

Muy bien dicho señorita!

Yeah, it's a con job, and a racket. It's also obscene.
War pigs are disgusting.
However, it's sad that ordinary people willingly enroll to play 'soldiers'. Why can't they realise they're just meat puppets?


Rachel I saw your Anarchast episode, keep on your great job! These people in the government are evil!


I think that was one of the last times I saw any content with her in it. It was a fantastic eppisode Anarchast, one to remeber.

Two parties. One State. And the State is violence. Why wouldn't it be the best at killing and oppression?

They keep everyone distracted with pointless debates about non-threats such as North Korea and Russia, then work to enrich the rich, imprison the poor (particularly poor blacks), topple any democratically elected leader who does not support US policy or who threatens dollar hegemony, and send out economic hitmen to prime the markets for dominance by US corporations.

So, it's great when someone has the nerve to ask why nobody's talking about it, and the sheer bravery to get up and shout about it. I realize there are many journalists who might want to report on such issues, but many of them are stifled by the system.

But the system is slowly disintegrating. And as for dollar hegemony, there's a massive de-dollarization tsunami out there, making it's way across the vast ocean of international finance. And it's clearly not getting any weaker.

Anyway, Welcome. It's great to see a brave new voice on Steemit. Followed, and supporting.


Thank you very much! I appreciate it!


I forgot to add that the recent moves by China, Russia, Venezuela, and more to abandon the dollar / petrodollar will most likely evoke a certain response from the USSA. That response will be very similar to the responses to the attempts by Saddam, Ghaddafi, and Assad to abandon the dollar.

But there's not much that the US can do anymore to stop the de-dollarization trend. The dollar is doomed, and the empire is doomed. Let's hope the many innocent people survive the collapse.

war is always good for business and is something that the government is very cautious not to be question about

How to war? 🤔🤔🤔

They only care about your safety!


you are right its idiotic

You did a great job for we are change. I am glad I saw your repost

Again American will start War around the globe, and then they will have a superbowl show eating hot dogs at a cost of the rest of the world.

This is the only issue that matters! This is how the elite have robbed us blind. Thanks for helping to wake ppl up.

I have questions every time I hear someone say the US government cannot account for 21 trillion, etc. This is really the fact they were given money, spent it (or not) and cannot tell us what they spent it on, right? It seems the way its portrayed is they overspent 21 trillion, but really they are not watching or describing what they spent it on right?

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I have just followed you. Kindly follow back. Thanks for this great article.

Well explained...
We always here that you pay taxes to have better education, health care, better roads, ... that's what they always say to create a better world, but never from mainstream we here were the big amount of your taxes go.