THANOS the Mad Titan • Speed Sketch #3 • A Tribute to the Baddest MoFo in the Universe

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Thanos is coming to the big screen, and I'm jumping over the moon like an XVG alt-coin!

Being in your 40s, at this moment, is rather interesting for those of us who collected comics as a kid. When we were but ankle biters, running around with a chipped tooth after falling over the garden hose chasing your kid brother with a toy pisto across the lawn on a Sunday afternoon, comics were an important part of our literature. And food for our imagination.

I must admit, as a short-story, science fiction writer, the muses of my current gibberish were ignited by the Lore of Comics and its powerful medium. Of course as we grew older, it was the graphic novels which would steal away our grip on this reality. For a more mature audience we adapted to the worlds of Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman and Robert E. Howard of Conan. However, Jim Starlin is the GOAT. Pretty sure this Legend was born with Quantum-Level Acid in his veins.

In short, I wish to share my excitement, knowing that SFX in movie magic today is boasting an incredible showing of our imaginations and wonder. A wonder manifested from colourful words on a piece of paper accompanied by fantastic and explosive drawings from the Masters of the Art, such as Adam Pollina, Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, Madurera, Jim Apero and Mobius This, of course, is only the tip of the Inkberg.


I'm looking forward to Thanos in the upcoming Avengers. He is, the Mad Titan. A close second, Dr.Strange. To have both of my Top characters in Comic Lore in the same film, is well... there are no words.

To be fair, methinks a Dr. Strange sketch shall be conjured up next. Yes. Yessssssssssssss....

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