Pedal Design and Servo Placement: Prototype Ep23

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

In this episode we cover the placement of the steering column and servo. We then detail the problem with the original donor cars pedal assembly, and why the first donor car was written off due to a bad clutch pedal.

Although I have an interest in kit cars, including Lamborghini replicas, Ferrari replicas, McLaren P1 Replicas and other self-made kit car of other marques, like Porsche, ford GT40 and the AC Cobra, I have always wanted to build my own unique brand, which I call the Cerberus VMR6.

Please subscribe and follow me along and see if I can ever complete my dream.

Video footage:

Autotechlabs: How Disc Brakes Works - Part 2:



Wanderlust — Nomyn [NCM]:


Lightness - Nomyn [NCM]:


Nimbus: YouTube Library

NIVIRO – The Apocalypse [NCS]:

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