KFC fever in Kharkov.... (Weekend Vlog)

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Hey everyone

I hope everyone is doing great... Today I shared something fun and interesting.. Recently KFC opened their first outlet in Kharkov , Ukraine so let's see what's going on there....

Music :

[Chillstep] Kojak - Standing Still

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A lot of peoples love KFC fever in Kharkov, well nice vlog. Thanks for share with us.

Ya brother... Trending news of Kharkov... hahaha Thanks for watching @hafizullah ....

thanks for the Vid

thanks for the Vid

You got internet before KFC ? that is unbelievable LoL . Great video, thank you.

hahaha.. :D lollll Thank you @kiwibloke... Hahaha...

I hope you enjoyed your KFC.
Places like KFC and Mac Donald’s are good if your in a hurry .
But I do prefer going to like a cafe and getting a real burger 🍔.

Thanks for sharing,
Have an awesome day!

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Absolutely @mickvir... It's just for quick food... Thanks for stopping by buddy...