Bangladesh VS European Culture || Lifestyle Vlog

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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a good time ...

In this video, I discussed the cultural difference between Bangladesh and European culture and how hard was it for me to adapt. I have discussed the festival, languages, and people as well. Moreover, I also discussed how hard was it for me where people don't speak English...

Enjoy this video...



I am @priyanarc.... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life. I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way I can know and reach your mind and thought easily...

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Apu apne a 2 din koi chilen.. Post kare ni ja 2 din.. ?

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I am busy bro with family....

Verry good mis. I like it

Thank you..

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That's very good vlog by you sister.

Thanks bro..

During my phd time I met several people from all over india for at least 3 months each if not even longer, and we discusse and compared a lot about culture .. one thing that I was always suprised by was beer related ^^ .. as you might know german people love their beer and they drink it while getting each others to know, they give you one as a welcome or just drink it cassually after work .. they, never accepted one and I never saw them drinking at all !! .. I know it sounds weird, but for me it felt so strange as I always had to drink my beer alone ^^

Well, we don't drink often, maximum people of my country don't drink except occasions.. We often offer tea, coffee instead of beer haha..Bangladeshi culture is based on ISLAM so drinks are restricted for us.. @adalger

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