How Fast Can You 3D Print?

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In this video, I check out how fast you can 3D print, and what limitations may be involved in printing fast.

Feel free to comment down below if you have been able to print fast and what tips you may have for everyone else. I will be sure to pin and heart any relevant comments so others can see.

Parts Used (affiliate links)
Bondtech BMG Dual Drive Extruder:
Amazon Basics PLA (which is out of stock, but Overture is very similar):
Overture PLA:

3D Files Used:
XYZ Cube:

Background music by Joakim Karud

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wow i love the video! very educational and clearly explained! good job!

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ehy dear @print3d , I find it so incredible that nowadays technology allows us to print in 3D !! What a wonderful show in your video: I had never seen it before: -)) a question (maybe you said it in the video but my English is very bad): how much does it cost to print something like the little blue boat?
i hope all the best for you and congratulations on the curie vote

Hey! Thanks for the kind words. It is often difficult to determine price - since the cost involved with the actual printing is very subjective. Many people charge a lot for the skills needed to operate the machine - along with the time used on the printer. The actual material being used also can change the costs involved, since some strong materials cost 4x as much as the cheap PLA used in this video (and are harder to print with as well).
But if you are to do this yourself and not pay someone else to print it for you, the cost is very little. I used PLA in this video (inexpensive material) and a part like that is only 30 grams. A 1KG spool of the material costs $15. That means that little blue boat only actually costs about 45 cents. But that same blue boat might cost closer to $10 or $20 if you paid someone else to do it for you, due to them charging for their time and their printers time.

oh fantastic, thank you for answering :-)) I learned a lot of things today !! but now another question arises: is a 3D printer very expensive? and is it easily found on the market? (ok are two questions :-)))

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