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I am really happy to hear from you some good words and encourage. Yes, it's absolutely true that four months ago I was not able to make a blog fluently but now it's more easy for me. Because engagement is the best way to build up our self.

And the great initiative from @nathanmars #link777 #seven77 will more easy to more engagement. I think also like you if the people try like me definitely they will improve more and finally the content and the community will more efficient and colorful.

Thanks for another nice vlog.

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Nice message and agreed on the 'do what you can do' and 'you will receive what you put in'. We can put every excuse under the sun and we are currently do so... "Its the festive period so do just the minimal", but we are missing out of this opportunity to keep up with engagement and creating content when the blockchain seems quieter... Yours will get noticed more!

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Really enjoyed this, absolutely agree.

No one even HAS to do what he asks, but the condition for him to give us the resteems and upvotes is gonna change, and I think that is absolutely fair because what he is asking from us in return is to really engage with each other and consistently sit down and dedicate ourselves to a project. In a way we are acting as real investors in this community, this platform, and steemit in general. That requires us to organize ourselves and stick to a road-map.

<3 gonna resteem the heck outta this!


Exactly. And that why my latest video I became so sad to see the upset. But I do understand that people do have bandwidth issues, or spotty internet, travel, work. They cant be held down with rules. So your right. His latest video said they didn't have to produce a video, but only those videos are receiving the incentive. Its hard to make projects work in a decentralized world. Its like a job that your a UNION employee. I hated that job... lololol

Yeha hahaha xD it's not gonna be easy at all but boy will it be a journey and absolutely fun down the way! I hope everyone coming together and doing their best to explain this and the benefits will really help those who were confused or uneasy.

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