DTube - Facebook Uses AI To Detect Suicidal Thoughts...What Could Go Wrong?!

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One minute you're chilin on your comfy couch tea and cookies in hand the next, armed men are busting down your door to save you from yourself!

If this sounds like an Orwellian nightmare to you don't worry you're not alone. According to techcrunch Facebook has recently rolled out AI to detect suicidal posts before they’re reported and not everyone is buying into the propaganda!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes the true agenda behind what appears on the surface to be a good thing.

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Facebook uses a lot more than that. It is also used for psychological experiments by changing emotions and psychology of people using it.

AI is a scary thing. I see a lot of false positives happening in the early stages! Facebook is going to replace a lot of broken doors and windows!

Fuck facebook

We're replacing it right now and it only continues to be relevant because unfortunately tons of people are on it still and we want to reach out to them to see if they'll join us over in crypto world here

We are the future

I still have FB and used to posts plenty of pics from my vacation and usual likes and updates on movies watched etc. Though its only been about almost 2 years,I very rarely respond much to what happens there anymore,seeing and knowing a lot more of FB's actual intended purpose. Nowadays,I only really use it when I want to talk to a family member for help on general for many things. I really hope FB goes the way of Myspace irrelevancy and altogether die out because frankly,its NOT a good thing!

And all these would be tax funded. Medieval serfs in dark ages had to spend 1/10th of their labor on their master's fields etc. That's a 10% tax and we have people claiming that modern tax rates are too low. Don't these people know how much of a tax kicked off the Boston Tea Party.

And this test and information collection will be done by the company that sells your personal information.
This does not end well... I see that they are making a map. And why... so they find people who they can use... To do something dark, as we have lately strange shootings happen everywhere . :(
This is not just a ( Suicidal Thoughts ) info. It can be used for many purposes.

The word "suicide" was mentioned several times in that film - to a bot, which has limited understanding of the context of your words, that could mean you "need help". Scary times!

Not sure if Google still has this service: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/05/google-offers-suicide-hot_n_525605.html but they used to offer something similar to this.

Good job again Dan!

thats a huge technology information.
i totally appreciate to your sharing..
best of lucl my dear..carry on your activity..😍😍😍

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This is scary! Have you read Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari? I highly recommend it as it touches on many of these issues :) I've just written a summary: https://steemit.com/blog/@rebeccamqamelo/homo-deus

This is shocking who knew that we are being monitored like children. How can someone suicidal thoughts have time to post and comment on Facebook.

While I am an AI enthusiast and find the things that Big Tech is doing in the field truly impressive, I am really concerned about the direction it may lead us to. Even if they have benevolent plans, which is highly unlikely, who can guarantee that it will not change in the future?! We need to be really careful here. AI could be used, not just to monitor people to circle out dissidents, but to utilize the most sophisticated psychological tools of manipulation to not even allow for dissidents to emerge in large enough numbers to create change. The thoughts about potential uses of AI, both good and bad, are sending shivers down my spine.