iPhone’s “SIGNIFICANT LOCATIONS” Spy Tool EXPOSED! How To Access, Turn Off And DELETE Your History!

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It’s no longer a “conspiracy theory” that big brother is watching everything we do,

in fact this is now common knowledge yet most people still comply with going along with this Orwellian Nightmare! Apple’s iPhone is tracking your every move and is storing this information right on the device itself and most people are completely unaware that this is even happening!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth walks you through how to find your tracked locations history, how to delete it and most importantly what the best measures are moving forward to ensure that you’re never spied on ever again!

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Thanks, I guess I found this recently and turned them off, because I had it turned off.

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Still resisting the smartphone thing. But I have to say that I am enjoying having a iPad.

One thing that could be helpful is one of these EMF blocking cell phone pouches. Since you can't be tracked while your phone is in the inner layer.

"When the phone is placed in the outer layer, it can effectively reduce the radiation of the mobile phone without affecting the use of the mobile phone.
When the mobile phone is placed in the inner layer, close the cover, not only can prevent radiation and shield the mobile phone signal, so that the mobile phone is in a "sleep" state, the outsider can't get through, avoid the shackles of not answering the phone, and can also prevent harassment and give yourself free time".


And they only cost a few dollars.

wow creepy they watch without most even knowing like a creepy tiger parent even if you are a grown ass man... lol scammed hard

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