DTube - Hatreon vs Patreon - The Free Market Solution To Financial Censorship

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The YouTube Adpocalypse and blatant censorship of independent media online is an attempt by the powers that ought not to be to not only silence their critics but to also financially destroy them in the hopes of keeping them down...But their pyramidal system of power is clearly fragile and nowhere near as complete as they would like as once again the free market has prevailed and alternative, decentralized methods are threatening their power structure. I have a Patreon account and I love and very much appreciate my patrons there....but at PFT our message is often in direct contrast of the views largely held by SJW's who are a part of the Patreon core and like our friend Lauren Southern who was kicked off of that platform I recognize that it can happen to me too! I've started a Hatreon account while keeping my patreon account because my goal is not to preach to the choir in an ideological echo chamber but rather it's to awakening the minds of the sjw's and sleepy masses as to this system of control that is out to get them as well! So I hope you will join me by pledging to support my work here on Hatreon and together we'll continue to smash that pyramid one brick at a time!
In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth joins Hatreon, a new crowd funding site offering speech protection, privacy protection, charge back protection and a secure and principled platform for anyone who wishes to freely speak their mind!

Join us as a PFT Patron on Hatreon:

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Very good work u don so for keep up.....

You can also use #Decent - a blockchain based on Graphene like Steem, using IPSF to have subscriptions, so I guess like Patreon. The one thing they don't have is a rewardspool but you could actually build on top of #Decent. We wanted to do an interview and have invited them 3x times on the #BeyondBitcoin #Whaletank but the CEO is very busy... I have to get them quickly before someone else does (hint) ;)

Wow good information i like it

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I love this hatreon idea, if there is anything I value so much is freedom of expression.
No steem contributions?
Nice post

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I do not detect a political reason behind the Adpocalypse, conspiracy theory. More simply, corporate power doesn't want to upset their stock price. The net result is the same, censorship. It affects our censorship because they are shifting politically what they think the public find acceptable. They want to have ad-friendly content.

Nice informative video @ pressfortruth.

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