PewDiePie Shifts To “YouTube On The BLOCKCHAIN” By Joining DLive!

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Youtube’s most popular individual content creator by far, way above the rest is Pewdiepie

with a current 93 million subscribers on youtube. He’s not only crushing his competitors on that site but he’s also obliterating the viewership of the mainstream media so to say he has some major influence right now is a major understatement…And now he’s making the move to Dlive!!!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains the significance of this epic migration and how it currently has the MSM and the major social media tech conglomerates shaking in their boots!

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This is great news.
As much as I would have loved to see pewds on steem, I will have to accept the fact that he will be on dlive and not dtube or vimm.
As salty as I feel about pewd-dlive and not pewd-steem, I am more than happy to support the shift. It is a step towards decentralization and shifting power to the content creators

  1. Didn't DLive kinda screw over the STEEM community?
  2. Is DLive censorship-resistant in any way like platforms such as DTube and BitTube, which at least store the videos on IPFS and the hashes to them on the blockchain?
  3. Didn't DLive pay PewDiePie to move to them?

The only thing great about this is that YouTube will lose audience.

yes and we need t make sure everyone knows DLive is 100% a scam now, run by scammers who lie about what a Blockchain even is! I am pretty sure pewdiepie just researched Dlive using old articles about it, which would have fooled anyone as it was steem based.

To be fair Dtube is the same at least for now. But yes exactly! But they want money, and do not want to change anything!! It's about selling things to other people and make as much as you can! Most people don't get it.

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Glad you put "Blockchain" in Parenthesis, since Dlive's Lino scam is not a blockchain! And yet they LIE and say it is a cryptocurrency blockchain "More of a smart contract" the executive says in Sam pepper's livestream. yeah, Lino is not a blockchain.

I hope Steem goes so high that I am able to buy back Dlive,m force them to go back to Steem and then shut down and liquidate the employees and run it exclusively through a DAO.

It's a shame that he's supporting a private blockchain. I hadn't even heard of Lino blockchain until today and can't find where to buy their token, what the supply is and what are its consensus rules.

I don't see the point to blockchain if it's not decentralized and Lino sounds like the furthest from it.

Sounds good !

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That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for STEEM.

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Hell yeah man, Subscribed to PewDiePie! Epic doing that right off that bat. Actually your video made $53 USD (not SBD) that number is the USD value.

I've just subscribed.!

Amazing outro music btw.

Congrats bro

As a YouTube creator myself and a Pewdiepie daily viewer I was very excited to hear about his team-up with Dlive. I also learned about a lot of new sites where I can post my music because of your video! Thank you for this content and I will subscribe to your channel on all this platforms!

This is great news.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

It's a step in the right direction albeit somewhat misguided. Maybe I'll be able to get my kids interested in steem again now, ths place needs someone like pewd. to get some of the younger generation to consider using decentralised platforms.

I'm kinda new to dtube. Does the search works or is it only on my computer that it doesn't do anything?

wawo your video is very nice
i am big fan of you

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