DTube - This Is The Blockchain Company The Government DOES NOT Want You To Know About!

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Blockchain technology has revolutionized how we interact with each other and this is only just the beginning!

The third wave of the internet is now upon us...the first being domains and email, the second being social media and the third revolutionary wave that is now virtually unstoppable is blockchain technology.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about HIVE Blockchain, a company which just listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as the first publicly traded blockchain company involved in mining cryptocurrencies!

For more information about HIVE visit their site: https://hiveblockchain.com/

To learn more from Lior visit:

The Purest Blockchain Company in the world, Up 207% Last Week AT: http://www.wealthresearchgroup.com/MUST

A Detailed Overview of the Top Cryptocurrencies AT:

The Complete Gold and Silver Stock Playbook AT:

Wealth Research Group's founder Blueprint for the coming Crash - A Masterplan AT: http://www.wealthresearchgroup.com/crash/

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I tried logging into xtube yesterday and could not. I'll watch your video a little later maybe it will provide some insight.

I believe dtube will improve over time. Youtube wasn't this beautiful before and I hope the developers of dtube redesign and fix those errors before people start getting irritated and disappointed. Steemit is a revolution and everything that comes with it is going to be revolutionary.

DTube is a great concept; however, in its current state, it's pretty awful.

First of all, I have been facing issues trying to upload a video for over two days - errors after errors. Initially I thought it might be because of the length of the video, which was over an hour long, but decided to cut it to just two minutes and see if the same would happen. Unfortunately, a new error showed up this time.

Secondly, the user interface is far from what one would expect from such a service. I do realise that it's still work in progress, but I am just saying that there's still a long way ahead until we get to the point where we can say - 'Yes, DTube is the perfect replacement from YouTube.'

That's just my 2 cents on the matter.

I agree. I just commented a bit less the same frustration :)

I was having trouble uploading to the platform, I kept getting error messages for about two days also until I refreshed the page and it all of a sudden just worked. It was massively frustrating before this. Something to do with the snap image of all things and IPFS problems so it said.

I did see some people saying they were having problems until they used chrome browser also. I don't like chrome because google owns the monopoly on spyware, but I use a similar browser called Brave which I think is a better.

I hope you manage to sort out your upload issues.

I like the way you posted it on Youtube as well as DTube! We now at least have a competitor to Youtube. Also, can you do a video about how the DTube blockchain works, and IPFS integration?

That would be an awesome video.

nice to know about DTube and thank you for sharing this info n this post.

@pressfortruth. I love the whole idea of Dtube. I hope they will make it more user-friendly though because I am having problems posting videos.

Hi Pressfortruth. Thanks for the information. I have always been dreadful of reading tech articles because every terminology seem somewhat strange and difficult to comprehend; but here I find myself going through one of the link you sent and it motivated me to surf through the internet to really understand terms like 'block-chain' and how fast its rising in the tech world. As well as its nonrestrictive accessibility to mining users . Thanks and I hope to find out more about this new world. I am a fresh user of Steemit and I hope I could get more help understanding all about the Steemit community. Do have a great day.

Hi @abimbolakuti, I wrote an essay the other day that helped me understand blockchain more with a historical context, it was interesting for me and a few others, it may be for you as well: Pre Civilization Societies, Freedom and the Blockchain.

Oh, thanks a lot . Will sure read your essays to get a full understanding. Thank you .

Great Information.

thanks a lot for the information, the more I read about steemit and dtube the better it gets, going to follow you keep up the good work!

DTube is Best Video Platform

DTube very good

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

first time i use dtube, i was very impresif.
Its very easy and autimatically connect with steemit. Nee era of online video is coming.

Thanks for covering this Dan @pressfortruth


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I am with you on the voting rights push. I believe that they (both sides in the US) believe they are victims in the voting scams. It is going to be a day of reckoning when the ghost voters are nil. Based on the political atmosphere it appears the Democrats are attempting to get voters through immigration. So, some out there are absolutely sure Republicans have been suppressing and stealing votes when if you REALLY think about it, it is unlikely. The voter maps by color are pretty telling. It is messy and it is gonna get messier. I hope the future is bright, but I fear it may be nuclear bright.