DTube - YouTube's Days Are Numbered - D.Tube Is THE Blockchain Solution To Censorship! (interview with the creator of DTube)

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In 2017 YouTube tried to silence, shadow ban and memory hole just about every content creator who was going against the status quo and challenging the system in anyway.

The "YouTube Adpocolypse" as it became known seemed devastating at first for those of us in the field of independent media...until the free market responded by building a new video sharing platform built off the steemit blockchain designed to give back to the very creators who build it up with payments in the form of SBD or cryptocurrency know as "Steem Dollars".

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews the creator of this revolutionary website Adrien

who goes by @heimindanger on Steemit, about some of the recent updates the DTube team has made (including an exciting announcement about a new upcoming feature) and about how blockchain technology is currently disrupting traditional centralized platforms in favor of uncensored decentralized platforms.

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Dan , your content is always excellent. Whenever I see your post, I know that there must me excellent quality content in it. So I upvote your post before reading the post or watching the video :)
Congrats on winning the trust of people like me :)
Keep up your awesome content and true journalism.

I don't know about the Dtube but i know that it's value will always be lower as compare to youtube.The Dtube server is very slow as compare to youtube. And the youtube is second most viewed website in the word, so it will take more time and will difficult for Dtube to replace youtube. Bye the way the post was impressive and unique i like it.

No olvidemos que este mundo es dinámico y todo tiende a evolucionar, por lo cual, pido concedamos la posibilidad de una evolución positiva de Dtube.
Atentos saludos y buenos deseos,

It is good that they are trying. And to be honest, if you are just looking to upload video's and are tired of youtube, this is a great alternative. It needs some work to be easier to access for the average person, but they'll get there. (First day using Dtube)

collaborate with someone who needs help

Good, I like it.

Good opinion, great. i up you...

collaborate with someone who needs help

este contenido me encanto, deberían subir mas a menudo!

I feel the same way. I always look forward to level-minded, honest, well put together content from Dan. I feel reassured knowing he is out there keeping an eye out and sharing the info. I have so much appreciation and gratitude for Dan and the Press For Truth channel.

This is already a game changer and has immense potential to disrupt the current system of control and censorship many of us are finding ourselves in!

Best part abt dtube as compared to Youtube is the content creators are not at mercy of ads in Dtube. It looks like video content creators will migrate from youtube to Dtube and FB people will migrate to Steemit. Which already starting to happen...great future ahead for Steemit and Dtube.

Been biding my time for the right moment to get this message out. I didn't trust the earlier 'other choices' to controlled social media, but I can say with heart, I am trusting Dtube.. 'I could be wrong' is a bit too obvious a way to end this message though?

Great interview. I love D.TUBE... upvote some of my videos and I might have the budget to go to anarchopulco .) and meet you guys there.

@lasseehlers i wanna watch your video on dtube. 😊

hope you get the funding bro :)

When are we going to get Blockchain facebook equivalent???

Yes indeed thank you soo much

I totally agree. With youtube constantly demonetizing content they don't like I think a lot of content creators are going to move over here.

Dtube has come to stay. You tube might have stayed for long but will soon be left for Dtube. I appreciate this post.

It's time to stick a fork in YouTube! Their blatant censorship of ideas will soon be at an end!

Google's motto has changed from "do no evil" to "do hide evil." I left Google+ long ago because my content, in defense of liberty, was being filtered.

It's a disgrace. Myself and my friends were basically talking to ourselves. YT is no different. If you speak out, you are demonetized and filtered. Twitter has been caught doing the same thing, but then I'm on there for breaking local news, not to further the cause.

Fascists trying to hide the cause of individual liberty should not be a surprise to us however. I was on G+ though as a virus in the matrix. Once I realized they had inoculated themselves against me and my content, there was no longer any point to be there.

All liberty lovers and defenders of truth should simply walk away from those platforms. It is a revolution without firing a shot. We are demonetizing them instead. It really is a beautiful thing. They cannot control the narrative if no one uses their platform!

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wow a great write up

Thank you!

Go on the Adrien! Need to fix that Mic and camera though!

The best part about Dtube is it is making use of existing open source and blockchain tools available instead of reinventing the wheel. Dtube has made the IPFS and steem integration possible with a minimal UI as of now.

Since the underlying blocks are already in place there will be more people who will either build new UIs or improve the existing UIs. Steem will power many more such decentralised services going forward. The censorship by the centralised counterparts will only drive the adoption of these blockchain based services. In a way I am looking forward to more censorship now as that will seal the presence of Decntralised apps once and for all and we would have successfully addressed the censorship problem forever.

I couldn't overlook the irony of embedded youtube video instead of Dtube. To improve the adoption of Dtube I created a Dtube embed module in Drupal. But the irony is that the same embed doesn't work on Steemit itself. It is time Steemit starts allowing Dtube embeds as well :)

I love d-tube have been transferring from youtube to there ;)

You hit on the nails head in this video .. I like “ YouTube days are numbered” :) god job man 👍🏼

Thanks for the interview. I'm a huge fan of Dtube.

Can't wait to start using DTube!

Yes it is really cool and easy to use

Dtube will really surpass youtube for sure.

Yes, and people will use YouTube to bring everyone over!

YouTube is a very large video site. If they would get serious competition from another platform then they would adjust very quickly. Main reason why YouTube has been stagnant has been because of low competition. They have been having a monopoly on the video market. But now serious competition is showing up from both a service called jwplayer and DTube! And we will probably see 10 other competitors quickly show up! So now the consumers will in the end be the winners.

But then what tends to happen is that people get adjusted to new levels of freedom fast. And then they want something new and better. We should really be grateful for what YouTube gave us. Steemit is like the child of YouTube. And it will become huge because this is a major paradigm shift! You can't just have 1 video service when world population is moving up to 10 billion. We will probably see hundreds pop up.

I really do hope Steemit is scaleable. As in if it will work great with more users too. Because usually things starts to go weird because there is too many humans on a platform and the more people the harder it is to manage properly. But one thing is for sure and that is that blockchain and crypto technology is here to stay. And how it will replace the old ways of doing things.

Good post!

This is so exciting, I love seeing so many more creatives coming over to Dtube!

D-Tube is not a solution. It is a source of garbages.

Care to elaborate?

thank you for this video. I hope that the functionality of dTube will further improve and at least match that of youtube. Other than that, I am convinced that DTube will have a great future. Just as an idea: Would it be possible to sell commercials also in Dtube (for steem) if the author would agree with this and would get 100% of the rewards? I think that would bring a lot of additional users to the plattform. In any case, the more well know youtube producers come to DTube and Steemit, the better it is for this platform.

You are giving tough competition to youtube, we all were waiting for it

Going against censorship is surely the right way. But what if something is uploaded and locked in the blockchain that shouldn't be there? Something that must be taken off it.
What if someone would upload child pornography to the blockchain? (I hope that's never going to happen)
Just a hypothesis..

Well that is the crux of the matter isn't it, whilst I think today's climate is very much too politically correct you also cannot allow a free for all. However I think this comes down to, do the vast majority of people in the world have good moral standards generally?

If that is true then I believe having an open non censored platform will be able to work and as I have also said many times just shutting up or hiding bad things so that they are not on show really doesn't help and actually gives a false premise that all is good in the world. If the steemit self policing system works whilst still allowing that alternative viewpoint to be heard then that is at least better than censorship dictated by a central entity with no oversight on what it does.

We need to hear these alternative views so we can debate and challenge them. The question is do Governments trust people to be able to do this? I think we are going to find out soon.

The way I see it the future world will be a bit wild. We must be so close now to an AI that can generate money automatically. Especially if it can simulate a human + use service like Steemit that gives digital currency out. Before with YouTube it was a bit more complicated and slower. But now the transaction speed is getting faster.

I do believe that people have good moral standard but 10 billion humans on earth which we are going up to will still create massive competition. Even though abundance is coming there will always be that worry about when someone will invent an AI robot that will create massive changes in society.

Now when we are becoming empowered as well it means everyone can do anything which definitely will cause many problems and issues. We humans do work in hierarchy and it's not easy to change that. It's built into nature. And also that abundance creates other issues as what people should spend time doing. Then we usually go back to competition!

Either we become hyper intelligent or we crash down it seems like.Right now it's all about what geek can come out with the most intelligent system how we should navigate this landscape! But there are no easy solutions this is so advanced and complex that we need to work side by side with robots to look deeper into it.

And it will be even more confusing when you can live your whole life in your own virtual world without even moving your body. It's very close to become a reality. Especially when virtual reality technology becomes cheaper so mainstream can adopt it on a large scale.

great news

This is great to give exposure to our creator here on Steemit! Awesome work, thanks a lot!!! A game changer and a half to say the least! The future of D.tube is so monumental and bright it will make YouTube shake within years...

Namaste :)

I think DTube needs more recommended videos and a better algorithm. Only a handful of videos are proposed next to each video...

Its just a beginning. Look at steemit how its growing day by day.. People still dont knw abt Dtube.. at the end of 2018 you will find many more content creators adopting Dtube platform. Afterall you get paid by community not by a company. People will add more content once they know how good it Dtube..

Dtube FTW. Especially now youtube raised the bar to become partner and earn money.

DTube and Utopian are adding a ton of value to the steem blockchain!

Yup! game changer! Stream is looking to change things too! https://streamtoken.net/

Go Dtube :D

DTube and Steemit are paving the way for Social Media....Thank You for this post.

I just received a notice from YouTube that they are basically shutting off all 'small' channels from any revenue opportunities.

Looks like they are making it easy for everyone to migrate to another solution - like DTube!

Oh yeah, this will be the last straw for many many many smaller channels

Absolutely. If there's nothing there for me, why would I even care about staying?

Good. google's terrible algorithms remove revenue for no reason sometimes

Dtube will truly outperform youtube without a doubt. @pressfortruth

Why i can't submit any post on dtube?
Please give me a solution.

Upload a 'snap' (thumbnail) I find sometimes adding the thumbnail first is better.

Ok. I will try this. Thanks

I wish YouTube's days were numbered... But YouTube is so big that they can censore nearly everything without getting unpopular...

I like how cryptocurrency is fighting against major corporations and governments in a sense. In my eyes it is giving people a fighting chance in the struggle for internet freedom.

The D.Tube app is coming! Yay! Thanks for a great interview with Adrien, @pressfortruth

The market abhors a vacuum. Youtube attempted to shadowban content providers, but the market struck back! I love it. Free-market economics in action.

Fuck yes! @heimendanger is a revolutionary. So much respect and love for both of you guys. So pumped to ride this crypto tide into the new millennium with both of you guys!


I hope retarded Paul brothers won't find out about this!!

Getting into STEEM! Help a newb out with a like if you see this! ha

I just joined steemit and I’m in love with Dtube.
I find it so much better then YouTube because there is no censorship and I can express myself any Way I want. :)

i really hate youtube . i love d tube .. Hope d tube shut Youtube

So glad this platform is now availible to preserve freedom of speech!

Couldn't agree more..... happy to be here! Thanks for the info about this, going back several months now!
Sick of YouTube's bullshit and censorship!!

Youtube just upped its Partner Program today which has demonetized countless channels!!

Totally agree with you @pressfortruth youtube now a days does not permit new user show ad s
On their video and ads will be displayed only after you complete 10000 views..... Really pleased to read such an informative article

Google's compromised Youtube. Now the time to take our power back.

I agree that YouTube's days are severely numbered. I've seen multiple well-respected Vloggers get censored or cheated by YouTube in the past year. What, just because YouTube's owners/staff personally don't like what's being shared??? And yet, it happens.

Steemit definitely has a place in helping DTube to succeed. My only negative comment on this one is that it would be helpful if Steemit were better able to reward older content rather than it having to always be only the current week's activity. Then, between Steemit and DTube, the sky would be the limit - literally.

Thanks for sharing.

down with youtube they get rich of ripping ppl of for there good content and then they slap adds on it too screw them Dtube all day long!

This is an excelent article @pressfortruth very informative and detailed. The information is very cleared.I salute your creativity. Excelently beautiful. Best writer. Keep it up brother you contributed a lot of information for us. Thank you for sharing this.

Honestly Youtube have only gone downhill over the past few years, not only is it almost impossible for newer Youtubers to actually make money on the platform, they have also started censoring content that should never be censored.

I would gladly accept anything that could possible replace the platform with something that is more friendly towards content creators.

I think the SEO optimization and pushing the videos into various search engines will help alot more with the visibility. It can eventually market itself.

Very helpful, very good information, and now able to upload video to steemit 👍

I fully agree and I personally am so tired of the selective censorship used on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. I just got done doing a post about how YouTubes recent Partner Program change is going to push a lot of smaller and newer content creators off the platform and how many of those users may in fact start to filter into Steemit and Dtube in the coming weeks... Should be interesting!

A Detailed Update On YouTubes Monetization Program Changes, And What It Might Mean For Steemit/Dtube!

As you can see even in this video, there is a lot of crossover between the two. This video about how great DTube is, is ironically done on YouTube. When the changes mentioned get done, DTube might be a true competitor.

Youtube at the beginning gave immense power and liberty to creative people who were plagued by the arbitrary censorship of conventional visual media. Later its popularity became its bane and censorship started creeping in when the advertisement money flowed. Wish dtube with its foundation on blockchain can survive that.....

Finally tired of all this censorship

I've been creating content on YouTube for years and it's never once paid off. I've been under review to be monetize for awhile. I hoped onto Dtube and I'm excited to see where this goes. Thanks for sharing this video, it actually gives me a little more hope in the platform :) Can't wait or the Dtube app, it's gonna be a game changer!!!

Great video....... I am going to transfer all my videos to DTube........ This is for @heimindanger Right now I am using an older mac with OS 10.6.8 and I can't get DTube to open on any browser.... any ideas for the old warhorse? Also how would I transfer You Tube videos I have over there to DTube if I don't have the original video? Any one else that knows could help out a techno challenged old man too......lol

Enjoy the new video viewing platform without ads.

More People need to know about this platform. Then more people are here that make videos, and more people watch them.

Because at the moment I have the feeling that most videos are about DTube itself, or blockchains. DTube needs a broader range of content creators. It is getting better, but still has a long way to go.

As long as you make mistakes you are still human. And as long as you are trying, still hopefully. Thank you for giving this news

D tube is a good platform for share video. It can “kill” YouTube with the power of Steem and steem dollar. Anyone can earn with their creativity. While there is a disadvantage that IPFS is really slow in my location.
I am planning to deploy a few server in My city to speed up the video sharing.

I am very thankful to have Steemit as place to speak my mind. I noticed long ago that things that go against the left wing agenda get deleted while people who support the left wing agenda can say all kinds of vile and many times untrue things. On one site I protested a flagged comment and was called an intolerant racist and directly accused of trying get away with my comment because I didn't think the website knew who I was, by a Phd at the website, over a post that wasn't about race in any way. And I knew the website knew who I was. I did mask my name to viewers because I know that the truth is hard to take for some people. Other websites don't threaten to ban you, they just delete your comment like it never happened. Just because they have a political agenda.
I am tolerant of all religions. Always have been. But the question, what is a Political Doctrine, Religion or Cult. Then it starts getting murky. Who am I to say what qualifies as a religion and what is not a religion but is instead a cult or political doctrine. I always had the idea that a religion was for peace and love so Satanist were not a religion but a cult, at least to me anyway.
Like anyone who knows no better, for most of my life I thought Islam was a religion just like all the others. The Muslims I had known seemed nice enough. They never intermingled and I only saw them out in groups but I never saw them as all that different. However over the last 15 years I have been learning more and more about Islam and I no longer consider it a religion. It has some elements of religion but it seems to be more about control of individuals than about peace or love. To me that makes it more of a cult. But there is one basic thing about what Muslims believe that should concern all people.
Mohammed was the Perfect Person and that anything he did, Muslims should do. So you can have sex with 9 year old girls, because that is what Mohammed did so its OK for any Muslim to do. Owning Slaves in OK because Mohammed owned slaves, so any Muslim can own slaves because that is what Mohammed did.
Mohammed killed those who insulted Islam so it is OK for any Muslim to kill those who insult Islam. Because that's what Mohammed did.
Don't take my word for it. Go learn about Mohammed then ask any Muslim, what he did that was wrong and see if anything at all he did was wrong. then you will have your answer.
My biggest worry has been that some leftist or Muslim that works at one of these tech companies would dox me to the Muslims. Resulting in a very real threat to my life.

I'm glad that people are finally standing up against censorship. But i don't think people are going to change youtube; At least not yet. All of the creators with loyal fanbases are still uploading on youtube, and their fans are going to stay with them. The only way i can see youtube falling is when another professionally-made website pops up and all the known youtubers flock there. But that's just my theory

I was longing for this day to come. Dtude all the way

This needed to be posted. The world is changing. Every single idea of the past is being upgraded and/or demolished. The new is near. The new is Here.. Love it.

How to connect to my dtude account

Dtube will really surpass youtube for sure.

Can I screen-record this and put on my abandoned YouTube-channel? :)

Very good very interesting thanks

Good news and good post.

Techchat is a technology news aggregator that has recently joined Steemit! I just checked out d.tube and am really excited to begin sharing content there.

Unfortunately, as I was going to submit a new video I received an error regarding the blockchain. I see tremendous potential in these platforms and look forward to engaging with the community!

your topic is somewhat irritates me because youtube is the 2 search engine in the world. Another reason are it is free, people are addicted to this media, even born child knows what is youtube, their share among searches is far more than D tube. So it is totally difficult for D tube to take place. Moreover this name is like copied name so people presume it fake or not give it importance.

Been trying to like the video, but for some reason it won't let me. I was wondering if you might know of any DTube guides that explain how the creator makes money with Steemit and DTube?

Another trending post! :)

DTube's problem is number of users. I hope that this platform will be bigger and bigger. "Thx" Google for making YouTube that bad...

Youtube at the beginning gave immense power and liberty to creative people who were plagued by the arbitrary censorship of conventional visual media. Later its popularity became its bane and censorship started creeping in when the advertisement money flowed. Wish dtube with its foundation on blockchain can survive that.....

Your content is very amazing, I feel helpless to see your post
Keep your awesome content and true journalism.

Dtube has a lot of potential!

Youtube at the beginning gave immense power and liberty to creative people who were plagued by the arbitrary censorship of conventional visual media. Later its popularity became its bane and censorship started creeping in when the advertisement money flowed. Wish dtube with its foundation on blockchain can survive that.....

Well, first of all: thanks for posting this. And, yes, I´d love to get active on Dtube instead of Youtube. But - and it´s a big but for me (unfortunately) - the 1 GB limitation will allow be to upload only a very few of my productions to Dtube. I produce in-epth tutorials about all questions around sound design, the use of synthesizers and music/sound software etc. And when I say "in-depth" I mean not seldomly more than 1 hour per video (some are even up to 3 hours. And it´s not always possible and nearly never advantages to split the videos into smaller parts - depending on the matter of the tutorial. I´ll keep an eye on Dtube nevertheless and I´ll try some smaller project there.
Have a great time!

hope that D-tube is as viral as youtube.

Soon we will see a huge migration of Youtubers moving into Dtube ! Everyone is just so done with youtube..

a mobile app woud be great

Upvoted and re-steemed chief. Fight the power brother!

@pressfortruth I like Dtube but the biggest problem it has which rarely people know (or may be you no one discusses): Once the video on dtube is 7 days old then you won't get any revenue from it no matter how many likes you get, that is because it's based on Steemit post and after 7 days you won't be able to collect any revenue on your post, no matter who likes it.

Does anyone know this?

@pressfortruth I like Dtube but the biggest problem it has which rarely people know (or may be you no one discusses): Once the video on dtube is 7 days old then you won't get any revenue from it no matter how many likes you get, that is because it's based on Steemit post and after 7 days you won't be able to collect any revenue on your post, no matter who likes it.

Does anyone know this?

FYI: My mouse is malfunctioning so by mistake like button is hit and then I tried to unlike several times but everytime single mouse click worked as double click due to malfunction (as it's seems it's out of order) so please forgive me for this as it was intentional.

hello @pressfortruth greetings from Caracas - Venezuela I will investigate more a background the subject you publish it has been interesting to me I believed that youtube was the maximum until now

thank you for this video :) very interesting 💗💗 Paix et amour, ☮ ✌ / 💗💗 Peace and love, ☮ ✌✨
🎁 CORDE-ialement, 🎀 ROPE-ly, 🎎 L&V 💑 #Lacher-Prise #LacherPrise 💐

Congrats on winning the trust of people like me :)
Keep up your awesome content and true journalism

Your content is always excellent. Thank you for your information.I think it's very important for all steemians. Can I translate such a good content into Chinese and share it with our friends in the Chinese community? I will mark the original author and the source of the article in the translation article.But I have to ask your approval first.

DTube and BitChute are blockchain solution to censorchip with Web Torrent.

It is a little ironic that the video posted here is from Youtube and not Dtube. I do love the idea of Dtube. I support it as much as I can.

Excellent interview, great content, it is a reality, it must be always transparent, social media is just right now, growing up so fast, and we need others new ways to interact. So i upvote you because i think that it is a good news...

Awesome Adrian and thanks for covering this Dan. Still new to me. I came across this after following Luke from we are change. I am a saxophonist freestylist im starting to meet DJs offering me backing tracks it seems an exciting place im sure dtube will go from strength to strength :)

Right now I'm getting to know a bit of DTube, but I think has been a great initiative and option for the users. Greetings.

Sir Dan Dicks, I always admire your post, it gives me a lot of idea. It was very informative. Ill be following you. Keep posting. Thanks :))

Nice one.
Youtbe did lots of news changes i.e tightens the rules for monetization/partnerships.
Previously, they needed 10,000 total views to join the program. Starting today, channels also need to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time in the past year.
Its getting tougher day by day :P

I hope they are numbered. YouTube is trash compared to steemit. Absolute trash.

great for democracy

I can't wait for the app to come out