You Should Join Alternative Video Platforms #VoxAdpocalypse

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Steven Crowder was just kicked out of the youtube partnership program. Mr. Enter was recently as well. I've listened to many other users complain about how bad youtube treats them with demonetization and burrying and youtube not caring about their users for years now. However, when someone says "then join another platform," they say "yeah, but, you know, there's not a community over there, and maybe one day I can get my monetization back, I know it can change, we just need to complain loud enough." Vote with your views, send a message, drive traffic to other platforms. Don't give me any crap about "it's hard to upload to other platforms." If I as a single man operation that does this as a hobby after my day job can upload to so many platforms I lose track of which ones I'm on, then you as a full time content creator with maybe a small staff can upload to at least one other platform.
I'm not saying you have to abandon youtube all together and upload exclusively to other platforms, I'm just saying you should stop being exclusive to youtube. You could be like me and simul upload to different platforms. You could take the Nostalgia Critic/Animat approach and upload first to the alternative platform and then to youtube. You could take the Mr. Enter Approach and upload the videos you have problems with on youtube to other platforms. Just stop complaining about youtube abusing you and then refuse to give other platforms a chance.

Check out all you are missing by only using youtube. Just to prove it can be done, I've uploaded this video to all my platforms.

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I agree dude! All the energy people spend crying that this is some sort of free speech violation, they could be simply uploading their vids across multiple platforms.
There has been 20 years of judicial precedent that says youtube gets to editorialize its own website. It's that simple really.Time to jump ship.