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RE: D.Tube 0.4: Serious UI Lifting & IPFS Backup & New Domain & More

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It's getting faster and more stable each day, great work , clever thinking with a back up, Torrents is a stable system, however I do get the thought line of Pirates etc - the UX is very intuitive, il check out the mobile version.
awesome progression @heimindanger PS love the new domain and thank
you for answering all my questions in chat.

Oh I forgot 2 guys from our team are going to Lisbon @s0u1 and, I'm sure they'll be quizzing you regarding the masses of car content we are uploading and will continue to do, as well as launching our brand new surprise on your platform, the rest of us can't make it, we have to go and drive McLarens in the Cotswolds, have fun.


Greetings @heimindanger! Do you think Steemit has what it takes to be one of the top 10 global social media platforms?

We do! Are you willing to help us do what it takes to fix steemits vulernabilities so we can bring this platform to the mainstream?

I represent an media alliance with over 10 million followers. We see that steemit needs a few small, but very important changes to make it to the next level.

Please share your solutions with us! And help us attract the attention of steem developers. Share your wisdom and thoughts with us at

Together, we will bring steem to the Mainstream!

For now i don't think so, but later years steemit will be the among 5 of the most popular social media website. Because of its advance tech, good user interface, and how promoted articles got lots of engagement in a short period, well i think there's hope.

Thanks for the nice feedback, feels good man.

I'll be glad to connect with your team in lisbon soon ;)

Can I go to Lisbon?

alternative youtube is or not

wish I could go to Lisbon ...looking forward for some footage on dtube ;)

Hi! Some amazing work you are doing. I was wondering if supports 360 degree video, or if you have plans to include it in the future?

thank you for this post , great job!

thank you for this post , great job!

@heimindanger It is perfect that you chose Github Pages. Now we are really moving forward.

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