Oceanic whitetip shark - Elphinstone Red Sea

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1 of the reasons I made a steemit account is the experimental d.tube platform. As test I posted 1 of my favorite shark encounters. It was on my first liveaboard on the red see to deep south. During the dives I saw a couple of small reef sharks far away. On our last day we did 3 dives on Elphinstone reef famous for its shark encounters. The first dive was a disappointment and for our 2'nd dive a small group decided we wanted to give it 1 last shot. We got dropped with the zodiac upcurrent of the reef, went deep and suddenly 3 white dots appeared.... Adrenaline rushed trough my body :-)

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Fantastic video @pieter87. I love how inquisitive this fella was, just coming right up to you and checking out the group. What a fantastic encounter 🦈 🙂

yeah, this was from 2 years ago. Last month I've been to the same reef and encountered 2 circling around the boat at 5-7 meter and again it stood out that they are so curious. They just had a swim by to see if we weren't a nice bite :-).

I started reading a lot about sharks since I started diving and that's typical to the 'oceanic' variant of many sharks. They live in a huge ocean were food isn't as available as on a reef so they take what the can. That makes them also a bit more dangerous then reef sharks. From time to time they take a bit (even in driftwood or a buoy) just to see if it isn't something eatable because they never know when they will find food again.

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