Snorkling with a Leopard Whiptail Ray - Marsa Mubarak - Marsa Alam - Egypt

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I've been diving and snorkeling at different sea's and after a while you get to know the typical coral underwater life. I still enjoy every second and love to see how the fish behave but I'm not as awed anymore by a bright colored fish as I was during my first dives.

When snorkeling at sunset in search of dugong's I suddenly saw movement. It was a huge ray and when I had a closer look I noticed a special pattern I haven't seen before. I'm no marine biologist but I think it's a leopard whiptail ray. I didn't find the dugong but this big fella made my evening :-)

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Really cool @pieter87

I think it's important we study the ocean, especially our effects on the wildlife. Thanks for being adventurous! A desirable trait!

Thx. Although I'm just a hobby diver and no marine biologist seeing the underwater world made me more aware of our impact on our planet.

Yes it's really a staggering aspect of our impact on the planet.