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I grew up with parents that fed me a lot of b.s. I got fed a lot of garbage. I can remember my mother telling me that it was impossible to get rich. I can remember my father telling me it was impossible to break into the film business (I was taking film studies as an elective in college at the time) and I’m not even going to bother mentioning how much worse my stepfather was here. I knew better than to believe them back then. There’s a reason why all 3 of them aren’t doing all that well in life right now and I am. They all tried to tell me I had limitations. I knew better.

It is essential to break our mental limitations so that we can achieve our dreams. Nothing is impossible.

I have the same philosophy!

Came around to check in on ya. Haven't been getting around Steemit much lately. Are you still in Switzerland?


*Sweden, But Estonia now XD