Eating Noodles and Dancing-I was Pretty Mesmerized By The Video and The Dtube.

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So yesterday was probably the first time when I logged into my Dtube account.I love Dtube,I often spend my time there.But I rarely felt to login and write a comment on someone's video in there.But yesterday for the first time I had to comment on someone's video on DTube.

It was a video by @eveuncovered. At first glance, it seemed like a funny video to me.

A blonde girl with glasses,wearing a black t-shirt and blue trousers is eating noodles and dancing.But later I found this video far more exciting than just being funny.She was moving her hips,pulling up her t-shirt,flashing her belly and enjoying the dance.She never forgot to eat the noodles during the whole time of her dancing.I could tell by her moves that it was a natural video.It wasn't edited or manipulated anyway.

It seemed beautiful to me.It is not that I am so much into girls.I normally don't watch this kind of videos.But after seeing her performance,I was completely mesmerized.The video was actually pretty exotic.She was trying funny moves and teasing the audience at the same time.After watching her video I was completely enticed by the shaking of her hips.

I don't doubt that she is a great performer.I saw that she has earned about $29 within the first two hours of posting this video.But I think a video like that deserve much more hits. Unfortunately, I can't embed the video here,so I have provided the link in the above.If any of you know how to embed videos from DTube then it would be very helpful if you tell me about it.

At the end,I would like to say that I love DTube and I really love what people are doing in there.From now on I will be a regular viewer of DTube.It seems like a really cool place to hang out for me.

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