Ukraine War: Donetsk Home hit by experimental Anti-tank rocket

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Ukraine forces have hit a civilian home with a custom made experimental Anti-tank rocket. It happened at 1900 on the 3rd of November 2017. There was alot a damage but luckily no one was injured.




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There are many rumors about this here in Donetsk both with the civs and soldiers.

Thanks. I am happy to be here.

Good work in England the Ukraine war does not even exist anymore! Some translations would be great :)

Thanks for that I left out the link with subs. Oops
Watch with Full ENG subs on YT here:

Nice work! Keep it coming informing us that the BS media don't !💯🐒

It is practically impossible to find independent (and forthright) sources of information on Ukraine in the USA. I will follow you to gain this important weapon in the war for freedom and against censorship and propaganda all free people in the world are thrust into today.


Great, I am glad you found me!! Please help me spread the information by Upvoting and Resteeming when it is worthy.

100% upvote. Followed. resteemed. Thanks for reporting the news. This is VITAL info. From a fellow journalist.

Be carefull! Here is something it can be also of interest:

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