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RE: 3 Tips To Make Steem Today: Utopian, DTube and Busy

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This worked really well for you!! It works because you are HILARIOUS!! 😂 thank you for shouting us out. Stay awesome 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Nice to hear that from the pro. How long are you doing videos now? You clearly didn't start just now on Steemit.

Oh stop I'm no pro lol
I've only started vlogging since I joined Steemit 3 weeks ago. However, I have always been into video editing and making fitness videos. I have also learned a thing to two from @spenceryan.

Ok, that's good news for everyone here because it means you can quickly catach nice skill for video editing and make something better than just an uncutted home video.

I will certainly watch closely to get more inspiration from the two of you! ;)

It's not easy, and it takes us a long time to record, and edit. Honestly, editing can get frustrating and a lot of patience is required because this stuff can really test it. Oh, the many times me and Spencer have wanted to fling our computers and smash our cameras lol. Sometimes a video you envisioned to come out a certain way doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to and it could be very discouraging. But it is absolutely possible and I encourage anyone with the drive and patience to do so 100%!

I agree. I have had dozens of failed takes with my Steemy puppet (the other kind of videos I do). But it is rewarding and if you can produce regularly you will find a great audience here and make some fantastic money. Much easier and faster than on Youtube.

you are so beautiful ;)

@dtube very hilarious guy

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