Dukebox bis bis Show recap

in dtube •  2 years ago 

I had a blast with this amazing dancers and musicians and poetry group of people. We all gathered together as one and made own music and poetry, dance and a story line for big audience. Here is a little recap of the day.

During the BIS BIS meeting in PodiumBloos, we were in agreement with other cultural organizations on the long-term funding obtained. A special evening. This was extra special for us because we had the honor to close the program tomorrow with an Out of the Box XL show.

With Dewi van Maaren, STEEV, Ali Al Maijdi, Sophie Ansems, Ivo van Dijk, Ranil van Peperstraten, Willis Van Lieshout, Arjuna Vermeulen, Gary Soetodrono and Timo Rietveld. Thanks to Province of Noord-Brabant for the trust, Maca Snels for support and Walter Verweij van Vreemt for the recap.

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