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RE: Sketching a Dog | Drawing time lapse digital

in #dtube4 months ago

I'm giving myself this week to shoot and edit and see what I come up with for this new direction of videos
and over all it's fun(ish) but also very hard work.

It's pretty much impossible to appreciate until you've done it! Glad to see you're moving ahead. You'll find you get quicker at it fairly quickly.


I'm becoming an 'old hand' at shotcut free editing software. I'm hoping I won't regret just starting with Adobe premiere first, in case I move to that later, but I just wanted something easy and FREE to start. :)

There's also DaVinci Resolve (it's free for individual users, but highly priced for Hollywood Studios :) -- if I didn't have Adobe, I'd go that route!

Thanks I'm going to check that out.