One dance a day | FEEL GOOD course - Day 6

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Do you like to dance?
I do.
And it feels so good when I do it.

Dancing is instant stress relief, immediate happy mode.
Dancing is healthy and good for us, but how many times do we dance in a month?

If you are young and you go out every weekend, then you probably dance at least four times a month.
For me, that means four times a year. (definitely) Not enough.

But because I love to dance and I know dancing is very beneficial for my mood and general well being I dance a few times a week on one song.

I choose a song that I (really) like and has a good rhythm for dancing. One of my all-time favorites is a song Firework from Katy Perry.
I play it loud, and then I lose myself in a rhythm. I dance like crazy.
And because it is only one song, I do my best to enjoy it to the foolest.
Sometimes I jump, and sometimes I let my body do its thing.

One song a day, and your life becomes a dance floor.
Dancing is the easiest mood uplifter. Like singing, If you prefer to sing, then sing. Or you can do both.

My grandmother used to say, 'You can't stay in a bad mood for long when you sing or dance.'
And life is so much better when we feel good.

Ok, my dear friends,
life is a dancefloor,
love is a rhythm
and you are the music.
Love you, and see you tomorrow.

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