The power of intention | FEEL GOOD course - Day 9

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Hello, my dear smiling faces :)
Today's exercise is a little bit advanced. It takes serious commitment to a good feeling.

Have you ever heard about segment intending?

That means living life consciously, segment by segment with intention.
For example, watching this video is one segment of your day. Then going on a toilet is another segment of your day. Talking to a friend is another segment. Doing the dishes is another segment.

So on, and so on. Every time You start doing something new is a new segment of your day.

The exercise starts before a new segment starts.

For example, before I start a conversation with a friend, I take a few seconds, and ask myself, what are the intentions I have, with that conversation. What do I want to talk about with my friend? Do I want a conversation to feel uplifting or full of complaints?

Before my segment of sleep starts, I prepare myself for a good night's sleep because I intend to have a good sleep.

Before I start to cook lunch, I decide to enjoy cooking my food, because I intend to prepare a beneficial meal for my body.

Before I start to film a video, I decide to be happy, because I intend to film feel-good videos.

Living life with intention is a lot of work. I know.
But this exercise will train you to be in the moment, focused on what you want in your life.
It will give you a feeling of power. Because, when you set your intention, before a new segment starts, you consciously create your day and your life.
Your life starts to go in the direction of your intention.

So my dear lovelies, after you stop watching the video, and before a new segment starts, ask yourself, what do I want the next segment to be like?
Set your intention, and enjoy the new segment of your day.

Love you guys,
see you tomorrow.

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Nice video! Awesome message. I keep re-reading and re-listening to this kind of law of attraction material over and over again myself.

If I may give you some advice, you might wanna point out where people can find more about this. I believe it's Abraham / Esther Hicks, Ask and it Is Given or The Power of Emotions, right?

You can also add the tag lawofattraction

A hug from Portugal,


Yes, you are right, I learned about segment intending from Abraham Hicks. A great practice that help me to have a better life :)

Thank you for your advice. I will use lawofattraction tag next time.

You're welcome!

A great practice that help me to have a better life :)

Awesome! That's one tweak that I could still add to my daily life. No matter what, I have been leveling up so very much since I learnt about the law of attraction, mindfulness and meditation. I'm learning and growing every day. And I thought I was done ( with ) learning in 2007, aged 25, after 21 years of education haha!

See you around :>)

Hahaha, nice, I am also on the path of learning and growing for 22 years. I started young :)
I enjoy learning. After so many years I am still hungry for knowledge and deeper understanding.
I stepped on this path because I had problems in my life, but now, it is a pure pleasure and never-ending story :).

I stepped on this path because I had problems in my life, but now, it is a pure pleasure and never-ending story :).

Hurray for that! :>)