How to feel loved | FEEL GOOD course - Day 7

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Do you like to be loved?
Of course, you like to be loved.
Who doesn't like to be loved?
Everybody wants to feel loved.
Love feels good.
But how to get loved? That is the question.

The best way to get loved is to give love.
Love is a feeling. Love is just a feeling.
And giving love is a simple trick that helps me to feel love. Because if I want to give love, I have to feel it first within me.

So, today's exercise is more an idea that helps me to feel loved, most of the time.

You see, I know that everybody wants to feel loved. It is our natural state, and it feels good. So I decided, a long time ago, that instead of expecting love from others, I want to be the one who gives it.

I love to give compliments.
I love to say thank you.
I love to share smiles and hugs.
There are so many ways to share love and happiness.

And because of that, people are kind to me most of the time.
Their natural response to a smile is a smile.

So, If you want to feel loved, then try to give love first to others. You have an endless reserve of love within you.
Find that love within you and then spread it. Choose to be love today.
Imagine the world if everybody would choose to share the love today.

Well, someone has to start.
Let that be us.

Love you guys,
see you tomorrow,

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