How to Work with your Partner? (5 principles for good cooperation)

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I know that working with a partner can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

I work with my partner Matija.
He is behind the camera right now.

And we are very different. We have different skills and a different approach to work.
Potentially we could fight over everything, but we don't because we found a way to cooperate and complement each other successfully.

Here we have five principles that we use when we work together.

Principle number 1
Start the project on your own. Be independent at first.

When I started a YouTube channel, I asked Matija to help me with the project.
He declined.
I was offended, at first, but later on, I was grateful for it.

He declined because he wanted me to first, find my voice and style of my videos.
And I could do that only if I worked alone at the beginning.

And later, when the time was right, and I was ready, Matija started to help me with my videos.

Working alone on my project helped me to become clear about
what videos do I want to make
what is my filming and editing style
I learned the complete process of making videos
And I found out what my weaknesses and strengths are, and where do I need help from Matija to improve my videos

Working alone at first is very important because that is how you get to know all aspects of your project.
It helps you to become a good leader of the project, which is very important for successful cooperation with your partner.

Principle number 2
One initiator and leader on a project

Do you know the saying, too many cooks spoil the broth?
Well, it is the same with any project. Too many leaders and the project is doomed to fail.
Because everyone has a different idea of how to run the project
Every leader wants the project to go in her or his direction.
Then the drag and pull effect happens, and the project can't gain any momentum.

So we have a simple rule when we work together.
If the idea for the project is mine, then I lead the project.
If the idea is Matija's, then he is the leader of the project.

Principle number 3
The leader holds a clear vision of the project and has the last word on it.

As a leader of the project, you have to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with that project. What is the purpose of it

For example, in our case, when we make a video for my YouTube channel, I am the leader of a project.
That is why I decide what videos go on my YouTube channel.
I have the last word on the content of the video, music, style of editing.
Everything has to go in the direction of my vision that I have for the channel.
And as a leader, it is my responsibility to meet that vision.

But I appreciate it if Matija helps me with his ideas and suggestions.
I appreciate it when Matija speaks out his point of view on the content of the video.

And that is a part of our fourth principle.
Principle number 4
Freedom to be creative

Even thou I have the last word in my projects, Matija has to have creative freedom too.
We agreed that this was for filming and translation in the Slovenian language.

He has to feel creative, otherwise, he doesn't enjoy working with me.
And that is very important when you work with your partner. Both of you have to enjoy the work you do. Otherwise, you will not work together for long.

I used to struggle with this part because I was a control freak. I wanted everything to be exactly the way I imagined it.
So I wanted Matija to do as I told him to do.
Of course, he didn't want to work with me for long. He is not a robot.
Slowly I started to let go of control and allowed him to do things his way. And that (actually) helped me to grow.
We make better videos because of that.
When Matija has creative freedom, he makes the best video shots, better then I have imagined.

I found out that I have to do what is good for my project, not for my ego.

And the last principle is
Principle number 5
Acknowledge and appreciate the work that your partner does for you

When Matija acknowledge my help with his projects, I feel appreciated, and I want to do even more for him.
Appreciation for your partner goes a long way.
It is like a reward for the work.
Everybody likes to feel appreciated.
That makes working together especially enjoyable.

Since we started to work together, I have learned a lot from Matija.
As I said at the beginning of the video, we have a different set of skills. But the synergy of our skills makes us stronger and better.

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