Running meditation | FEEL GOOD course - Day 4

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Yesterday we were breathing, today we run.
But not just run, we will meditate during running.
Multitasking, baby.

This exercise is good for everyone who has a love, hate relationship with running. Like I do.

I mean, do we agree that running is good for us?
After a good run, I feel like a million dollars.

The problem is that running is not always enjoyable as I wish it would be. And that happens when we are not in sync with our bodies.

The solution is that we get in sync with our bodies.


Running meditation

What is running meditation?

It is slow running.

In the beginning, you start to run slow.
I mean very, very slow.
Almost running in the same place, slow.
The point of that is that you take the time to listen to your body.
Feel and listen to the body and slowly increase your tempo, to the speed, that steel feels good. No forcing. It has to feel easy natural and comfortable light and fun.
I slowly increase the speed of running, to the point when I end up running very fast. And it still feels good and light. It's like I fall into a rhythm. I don't think I run, and I feel my body. And that's it.

After the run like that, I feel recharged instead of tired. I feel clear-minded. Usually, I get the best video ideas during the run like that.
It works magic.

If you are a runner or not, I suggest you try it.
This exercise is good for the body and soul.

Ok, guys, have a good day, and see you tomorrow.

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