Reset your mind | FEEL GOOD course - Day 8

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Wouldn't it be nice if we would have a reset button for our mood?
So, that when we feel bad, we push a reset button and "guala', we are happy.

Well, I believe that everyone has a reset button.

What is a reset button?
For me, that is a short walk through the forest. Or, a dance on a song, or meditation.

You see, when you start to feel bad, that is an indicator that you are not in sync with your inner self. And that is the time when things go south. The momentum of problems and worries start to rise. And if you don't stop it, it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, like the snowball effect.

At that moment, your reset button becomes useful.

Our natural reset button is sleep. When we go to sleep or a day nap, we automatically reset ourselves.

But we can't sleep all the time, or can we?
Well, I can't.

For me, a short walk does the magic. Sometimes I have to push my reset button two times a day and sometimes five times. And sometimes I don't need to push it at all.

In a better mood, you are, the better life you have. You have better relationships, better health. Everything is better when you are in a better mood.

So, my dear lovelies,
find your reset button and then use it when you need it.
See you tomorrow,

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