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This is my first DTUBE video (click the thumbnail above to watch). I'm documenting a silver round delivery from @papa-pepper. Something magical happens here when the silver round does a dance for me. I'm not kidding! A big thank you to @papa-pepper for his generosity as well as a custom designed Steemit tshirt with my name on it! You'll see it in the video.

Preview GIF - Hard times for selfies:

The silver round is a prize from @papa-pepper's daily selfie contest that ended last month. It is the best contest on Steemit. Read about it at the link below and keep an eye out for season 2 coming to a Steemit near you!

Preview GIF - Silver helps:

20i3 copy.png

Thanks @overkillcoin for the art... minnows, dolphins, whales... I'm down with squid!

▶️ DTube

That was amazing! The whole family enjoyed it!

Awe thanks!


Awesome papa-pepper here :)
I miss you

So awesome!
Your post is being received so well! Im really happy that your hard work and amazing creativity is paying off! Hooray!

Yes its surprising... thank you for your consistent encouragement and support!

Thank you for doing that same for me, You inspire me dude!

Wow look at that earnings I know you can't wait right? Congrats

The Selfie contest is a gift that keeps giving thanks to papa-pepper for that!

True, I wish he would do another one.

You hit the Jackpot, my friend. Don't forget to power up next week.

Wow, I sure did! SP is the bomb... I never miss a chance to power up!

Love your animation ! I can see all the hours you put in. And the giant surprised eyes were my favourite!

Thank you it was time consuming but the end result is always worth the effort. I can't take credit for the giant surprised eyes because it was one of the challenges @papa-pepper gave us for his Selfie contest so I did it as a nod to him... that being said I did add a twist of chopsticks motion which was not possible in the selfie contest!

Absolutely its worth it. And it looks so professional! Please post more for us.
Lol thats true, that would not translate in a photo !

I'm working on some ideas - will see if they pan out!

congratulations sir @otage is the the price of daily selfie challenge for top bunos points?


Hey thanks @bien!

hehehe... welcome sir @otage the king of selfie. :)

Awesome , you deserve it. your the most creative on that challenge.

It was a lot fun and everybody had great creativity!

I missed the fun and i missed you guys.

@papa-pepper is the man! I'm looking forward to season 2! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

Thank you... best wishes for 2018!

I love the videos from dtube, great work man.

Thanks... DTUBE is looking very good!!

Yes @papa-pepper is so cool. One smart dude

I agree he's awesome!

Stop motion ftw, loved it!

Thank you!

too much awesomness <3
Thanks for sharing #otage

Wow. That really was some competition!
Congrats on being a winner and for getting the silver dollar.
Great first video on DTube too.
Looking forward to seeing the next round, not least because I'm curious as to how people got eliminated. 😁

Thanks! Eliminations happen when the qualification rules for the day are not followed. For example, take a selfie with a bright light shining in your eyes was one. A few people shined a light at the camera instead and were eliminated. Others have technical issues uploading or traveling. @norwegiansteem had a baby during the contest and made it through with her selfie qualifications during the birth and then was eliminated near the end of the contest for not having 9 other heads in her selfie close to her head.

Sounds fun but pretty challenging! 😁

That was a great contest @papa-pepper ran and this is a good video! Very creative!

Thank you! He is a Steemit genius!

Yes he is a leader of many!

I like the videos stop motion so nice.

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best of luck @otage

It worked out!


Thanks! Welcome to Steemit!

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