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RE: Comparing Steem To Facebook’s Blockchain Libra With Andrarchy

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  • not OPEN
  • not PUBLIC
  • not NEUTRAL

Nothing more than old bad FIAT, only just in another digital shape.

How it is even possible to call it "a cryptocurrency" ???


What type of sensors are we talking about? 😉

I don't trust Facebook with toilet paper let alone money.

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

I totally agree, I'm going to dive into it soon and share how it falls short of what a blockchain should be

Nothing falls short, it's a technology open to how anybody wishes to use it. Your going to put yourself in charge of who is qualified to use blockchain technology then maybe you want to start with Walmart whose using it to expediently track where produce comes from so they can more readily alert the public to any contamination issues on the world market.

Well done Scott, keep up the great work.
I appreciate it, and @andrarchy as well.

Thanks I will! :)

You summed it up perfectly, I couldn't have said it any better. Have a !BEER